PC vs Mac

PC vs MacPerhaps one of the oldest flame wars in bulletin board history, but I figured I might as well take a stab at it – the rest of the internet is quiet at this time of the day anyway.

Since Apple moved away from their older proprietary hardware processor to Intel powered Apples, there has been a real shift in the capabilities of the Mac. With Boot camp, running Windows on a Mac is entirely feasible. No longer can Windows fan boys claim that their platform is exclusive for running software on. With emulation having been around for a considerable time. July 19th, 1994 marked the beginning of the Usenet group for the Wine platform on Linux based environments.

Apple uses a Linux based operating system with their own graphical user interface on top to provide for a rather unique interface. But this is also backed by the power of open source technology and specifically the very reliable Linux technology underneath to make it do what it needs to do.

With this in mind, it is clear that at a technological point of view, the Apple is superior to a windows machine. Features ranging from built in shell scripting to compilers out of the box make it an attractive desktop for development firms. Indeed a large proportion of the Web and Design industries harness the power of Apple.

But what about my applications, They run on windows?

I am sure that you use a great number of applications that run on Windows but what you need to consider is how much do you really need that specific application. I use Open Office on both Windows and Linux  which replaces Microsoft Office (which is also on mac btw) easily. I also use Zend Studio or Eclipse on both Windows or Linux, actually I don’t think there is even an equivalent of that on Windows. Perhaps Visual Studio but that’s just a huge resource hog. Photoshop is already out on mac, and through wine can even run happily on pure Linux.

Security is king.

Given that the Apple operating system is based on Linux, it is entirely understandable that out of the box a Mac  comes with a higher standard of security than a Windows machine. Linux encourages good policies, instead of granting administration rights to users by default, a user needs to elevate to a higher level to do a task. This can easily be done whereas in windows, you’ll quickly find you get annoyed by popups every second asking if your sure to the level that you disable all security just to be able to open a file. This is when the security problems start to occur. There are almost no Virus effect non windows platforms.


Simply put Windows is old, slow and not a good contender for an operating system for a desktop or laptop computer. The security and design flaws that plague Microsoft still have not went away with Windows 7. Mac and Linux are the future, Development and Design can be done much quicker perhaps even with more reliable results on those two than they can be done on a Windows machine.


AutoDesk FREE on iPad and iPhone.

autodesk cadAutoDesk has made a decision to return to supporting multiple platforms. In 1994 they dropped support for non Windows machines leaving many designers unable to get a hold of the industry leading software. However that has changed. The company has plans to release new versions for Apple based equipment.

Apple Desktop and Laptop users will benefit from AutoDesk they will however need to fork up a huge sum for it – the license fee will be the same as for Windows Users. This might make migration over to it on the slow side.To rectify that the company is prepared to allow transference of license between platforms.

Apple iPhone and iPad users however will finally see the benefit of their hugely expensive machines on hugely expensive contracts. AutoDesk will be available on both of these platforms for Free. Moreover the software is backwards compatible with older software’s saved files. I think it is a necessary  step to get users to use either package as with 15 years behind there’s going to be a lot of firms looking to conversion making the software work out the box with existing projects is essential to this process.

The strangest one is that it should also be compatible with iPod Touch machines. With a screen that small I doubt that it will be of much use to anyone.



iPhone wont be tested for greenness

Iphone in GreenIn a green initiative by the mobile industry, ranking phones by how environmentally friendly they are, Apple has refused to participate.

Many other phones have been ranked, with Sony Ericsson’s Elm ranking at position number 1. Several phones weigh in on joint second place.

The survey requires that the manufacturer answer a set of 63 questions about the phone’s efficiency, manufacturer and a number of other points in order to establish how environmentally friendly it really is.

It seems it is not a straight foward process, the Elm mentioend above won its first place on the basis of eliminating the need of additional devices; GPS, MP3 Player and obviously it has phone capabilities.

My Suspicion is that Apple know that their phone is nowhere near an environmentally friendly or electrically efficient. Since they have refused to participate in this. A survey for O2 however was conducted which states that a major factor for mobile phone purchasing was the need of the phone to be environmentally sustainable.



iTV to see Apple in Court

With all the lawsuits being carried on, its a wonder tech companies get any work done. Apple is suing HTC, Oracle is suing Google. Microsoft is probably still fighting the various lawsuits in multiple appeals around the world. Now its time for the ITV, the British Broadcaster  to join the team.

ITV is suing Apple

Apple wants to relaunch the Apple TV product to iTV in line with the rest of their i based products (iPhone, iPad, iPod). ITV however has the rights to this brand name here in the UK and not surprisingly, they are not approving of the use of the brand.

It is early stages as of yet ITV hasn’t actually set the legal process in motion but are speaking with lawyers to consider their options both at home and abroad.

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Oracle and Apple gang up on Google

Android: Google vs OracleMany of us may remember there was a lawsuit filed against Microsoft by Sun over Microsoft’s inclusion and distribution of the Java Run time in its operating systems. In essence, Microsoft was voluntarily offering a Sun product to its customers at no cost to Sun or the end user.

The problem with this was that Sun felt its intellectual property rites that of the Java language were being infringed leading to the legal action against Microsoft. I’ve never understood why, a piece of software that is openly downloadable at no charge should be the subject of a legal battle between the two corporate entities, especially when there are so many other things they can fight over.

Now Its Google’s turn.

Oracle in their acquisition of Sun has taken possession of the Intellectual Property Rights of Java and many other Sun related brands in the process. Google has of course not been licensed for use of this technology and are distributing it at no cost to Oracle, essentially free advertising and customers.

This is not enough for Oracle whom have filed a lawsuit against Google for seven patent infringements in relation to Java in the increasingly popular android operating system. These kinds of legal challenges benefit no one as google will undoubtedly fight it at cost, and Oracle will put up the cost of chasing after this.

With Java being freely available albeit with the threat of Oracle suing for using it, it is quite a surprise that it has managed to flourish as a programming language. Many developers will want to provide an out of the box installation of their product which legal action like this could make it increasingly difficult to support Java as a legitimate programming language for the future.

Incidentally, Sun actually decided to release the Java Code under the GPL I would not be surprised if Oracle has not updated this since the acquisition and therefore Java is still GPL code and this would certainly infringe on Oracles plan to cause terror and fear in the hearts of Android based manufacturers.

In related news, Apple is suing HTC for infringement of 20 patents in the iPhone4  the big shiny toy that doesn’t really work. Perhaps apple should go back to the drawing board on that one as going by the information we’ve seen HTC’s phones actually work. Could this be an underhanded attack on google by Oracle and Apple?

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Free Software Foundation


Google leads Apple in Phone Sector

With the many problems that exist with iPhone even if they may not be entirely unique, is it any wonder then that people are considering alternatives to the expensive shiny toy produced by apple?

Google’s Android operating system based phones are according to sources the operating system is far more customizable than the OS installed by apple. This is really useful for developers and nosey people alike!

The guys over at Cisco have apparently seen a benefit from it too, as they have announced the Business tablet based on Android.

With the jail break threat on the iphone many have perhaps been worried by the security aspect of using the iphone.



One pad to rule them all…

ipadWell the iPad has been released, and it seems to be quite popular albeit no one really knows what its really for. I can see some convinence uses out of it like reading an ebook whilst sitting on the loo. Or having a manual to reffer to when installing an computer system that has no internet access (although the validity of that may be limited if there is no internet access it probly wouldnt work anyway).

In Microsoft world they have decided to compete by releasing their own pad product. So now its back to the good old flamewar days Microsoft Vs Apple.