Iran Detains Britons and plays the Terror Card

David Pope Iraq cartoon InkspotFor a country that is well known for defying International Communities particularly on issues of security and nuclear power, for Iran to turn around and suddenly say they are working to prevent Terrorism is highly suspicious at best. That however is exactly what Iran seems to be trying to convince the world of.

Four British people have been arrested and charged with terrorism in Tehran, the intelligence minister has announced today that the four were arrested in the city of Marivan where the quartet have been alleged to have conducted five assassinations on behalf of the kurdish political group Komalah over the space of two years.

According to their intelligence minister, Britain has been conducting espionage against them – is that really a big surprise? We are a part of the UN Security council which they are constantly violating decisions of. It only draws to the conclusion that they should expect to be watched by the security council. The claims that our intelligence services would sponsor and fund terrorist activity is outrageous. This clearly is a man who is out of touch with reality much like the rest of the government he represents.

They fail to release details of when they were actually arrested.The Foreign and Commonwealth office released a statement reminding people about the credibility of the Iranian government attributing this to yet another in a long list of anti UK propaganda by the Iranian Government. Iran needs to wake up and join the civilized world and whilst its there it might want to stop rigging elections.

BBC News


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