Jobless to clean Rubish for £1

Iain Duncan Smith the secretary of state for the department of work and pensions has announced new plans to see people who “choose” to live off benefits cast to low skilled jobs by force. Clearing the streets of rubbish and gardening and the likes. He is under the misunderstanding that people who are on benefits are on very low income. I was there at the start of this year.

Whilst I was on benefits, they refused to pay for me to get into the job center to search for jobs, or to come into the city center to hand out CVs. In fact the only thing I got out of the job seekers was a suit for an interview – which incidentally I didn’t get the job for and I had to fight them to get it. The job seekers allowance as it stands is a joke. They think people can live on that little. To make it worse, they take far too long to process claims. I was actually working for months before they sent us any money. Which considering our circumstances was rather appalling for a benefits agency.Then when I had got a job, my jobless partner with no money was told he cannot claim for job seekers allowance because I was working, I fail to see the relevance there.

What reason he has for not giving minimum wage for this work I cannot understand. They would be serving a beneficial service to society that the councils seem to be unwilling or unprepared to offer themselves. This would make the country look like a place that one might actually want to visit and encourage tourism instead.

The scheme would see people whom have been placed on the scheme taken off the normal job seekers allowance and put on a £1 an hour, 30 hours a week (so yeah, £30 a week to survive on) system. Its likely to serve as an increase in depression and suicide if you ask me.

The UK has one of the highest unemployment rates in Europe, and with the government cutting more than half a million people from the employed status is it really a surprise. These cuts will take decades to figure out what the true cost of them really will be.

Daily Mail

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