Whats this, a conservative with a clue?

Iain Duncan SmithSurely this is a first time in the history of the conservative party. Reading about what he plans to do in order to fix the benefits system, the secretary of state for the department of work and pensions has perhaps spotted an important point.

Backed by the prime minister they seem to have worked out that benefits are nessesary for the average working person to survive the British Economy. David Cameron states: “It simply has to pay to work. You cannot have a situation where if someone gets out of bed and goes and does a hard day’s work they end up worse off.”

This is unfortunately the situation which has existed until now, which can really only be rectified by increasing the minimum wage. When people start earning enough that they can pay for the bills instead of having to claim benefits so they can be in a financially strong position to afford the council tax it is a bad sign. They however do not go so far as to indicate their plans to actually resolve the problem.

The first step to fixing a problem like this however is admitting there is a problem so there may be hope for this government after all. Until now the conservatives have been all about getting people off benefits, but without admitting this, all they have been trying to do is cut costs with no tangible means of changing the problem.

The Guardian

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