Who can spend £51 million on a vase?

<a href="http://www.whitebunnywabbit cialis 20mg belgique.com/wp-content/uploads/2010/11/1346851778-vase-found-bungalow-sells-record-51m.jpg”>51Million for a VaseApparently we will never find out, because the buyer of the auction is a anonymous bidder all we will know is he(or she) is from china. What we can determine from this however is a significant amount of information.

The person is in China.
They collect Chinese vases
They must be at least a multi-millionaire but probably billionaire.

And apparently they like vases .

Its insane I think.  Even if I had that kind of money I doubt it’d spend it on a vase. Although I am prepared to take the challenge so if someone can transfer me £51 Million and i’ll let you know if I buy a stupidly expensive vase. Which incidentally was expected to go for between £800K and £1.2 Million Something tells me the seller will be very pleased with the sale.

Yahoo News

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