Airport: For security reasons please remove your pants.

Family GuySecurity measures at airports to prevent terrorism against planes has long been criticized as being over kill. Introduction of shoe x-ray process, extra effort taken to check laptops, restriction of what may be taken on board it all serves as a waste of time.

With a toilet sized container of flamable liquid onboard it is likely to take down the plane anyway. So it should really come as no surprise that the chairman of British Airways has gotten a little bit annoyed by checks.

The illusion of security is not being enforced by ridiculous “security” checks. He accuses the airport industry of doing what big brother (America) tells us to do regardless of weather or not it is a useful policy. Demanding that we should run our own country and airports the way we want seems a very sensible policy. The fact that in the United States the Americans do not even do many of the security checks they demand that we do should be a reminder that we are our own nation. We should stand up to the neighbourhood bully.

Many of the new checks are a direct result of someone plotting or thinking of using them to commit acts of terror. Which raises the question given a Nigerian man plotted to detonate a device hidden in his pants last year, when will the Americans insist that people on board flights are pant-less – surely that would help with security? Or maybe not.

The Telegraph

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