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Church of England uses Equality act to hide their compliance with Equality Act

Canterbury Cathedral Every so often, an organisation takes an action which on the surface looks like its a good thing yet at the same time it has a sinister underpinning. Today, that organisation is the Church of England.

It is rare that the church of England and I agree on anything, and usually when we do agree it creeps me out!

It came in the form of the revelations that the Church is recommending that gay civil partners that follow celibacy shall be entitled to be considered for the post of Bishop. One might consider this to be a good sign, ordinarily I would agree. But Something tells me, and it seems my thoughts are similar to others that this is really an attempt by the Church to cover up the internal decision to be more accepting of gay people. By focusing on the government legislation that ensures equal rights for all people regardless of sexual orientation, they come across as being forced by the government to take this step. The result being that the followers of the faith see it as an attack on the believes of the church.

The celibacy requirement for gay bishops, does not apply to straight bishops however.

So the Church is attempting to comply with the Equality Act by having a standard for straight bishops, and a separate standard for Gay bishops. This sounds like a discrimination against gays.

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Jurors sent to prison for using Internet in Trials

Scales of JusticeIn cases where a defendant is tried by jury, each juror is expected to uphold the laws of the country as part of their service, they are expected to remain impartial and act on the evidence presented within the trial. Anonymity within the process is essential to a fair trial.  If Jurors are feeling threatened by the possibility of a retribution attack by the defendant if the are found guilty, then individual jurors are liekly to vote in favour of a not guilty verdict. The result being that a a criminal may walk free.

Thats exactly whats happened, and not for the first time because of Jurors take the law into their own hand and start investigating the details of the crime, or discussing it with others.

During a recent case, Joanne Fraill has discussed the deliberations of the jury with the Defendant on Facebook. It earned her a reputation for destroying a multi-million pound drug case and a prison sentence, being convicted for contempt of court. It seems to be a worrying trend that jurors in the age of the internet are not taking their responsibilities and duties seriously.

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What does Restrictions mean for UPS?

Department of Transport blocks UPS Deliveries for Security

In a move that seems to be reminiscent of the British Government’s decision not to upgrade Internet Explorer 6 to something more secure citing security reasons, they have stopped United Parcel Service (UPS) from doing security scans on their cargo for “security” reasons. It seems that the UK Department of Transport is going on the somewhat cryptic logic that by not allowing any  cargo through it will secure the UK from an attack of ink cartridge bombs.

Surely all it will do is mean there will be lots of exploding ink sitting on the runway instead.

How will it affect UPS However?

Experts seem to think that this will be a short term delay to deliveries. UPS is a major

UPS Trucks carried on a FedEx Truck

organisation and they will adapt their policies to the new way that Britain wants them to scan their parcels. Otherwise they would lose to competitors not only here but abroad – after all who would want to ship with a company that does not take security seriously?

Financial experts are even going so far as to recommend the purchasing of stocks of UPS which is currently sitting at a low period in stock levels but will likely see this rise once the situation has been resolved.

A spokes person for UPS has indicated that they have a contingency plan already in place.

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Its fine to be gay, United Nations Declares Gay Rights Exist

United Nations Gay Pride FlagRepresenting the interests of the lesbean, gay, bisexual and transexual world, in an action which was proposed firstly by South Africa, the United Nations has voted in favour of declaring Universal Human Rights will without any doubt or prejudice shall apply universally to all regardless of their sexual orientation.

It means that the world now legally can be recognizable that discrimination to the LGBT community anywhere in the world is a violation of international law.

Its great news that it has finally became recognized at international level, however it is equally disturbing that the resolution was passed with a 23 to 19 with three absenteeism from voting. Which means in a worst case scenario it passed with a majority of merely one.

Many of the countries in Africa have accused South Africa of siding with the west, it is likely true that they have on this which I for one am glad to say they have the pressure that will be put on the rest of the African continent by facing the pressure of International Law when it comes to Human Rights will hopefully be intense. Over time, I expect the uncivilized lands will come to respect the dignity of human rights and will lead to a world in which people work to the betterment of the human race.

As a result of the resolution, the United Nations has commissioned panels that will look into anti-gay discrimination. It now means that discrimination cases could be taken as far as to the International Court of Justice.

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Work longer, get less or retire earlier and get more?

On Strike SignToday there is an air of defiance about – threats of strike action by well, pretty much every body. The government has plans to make us work six years longer making the new retirement age 71 years old which would make the UK have the oldest age of retirement in the world. The majority of countries being around the 65 mark.

Pushing a stake into the plan even more, the government wants the pensions to be more funded by the person reciving it than the government. Thats all well in good in an economy where the working class actually has money to survive. But in the United Kingdom, where people are having financial difficulties just trying to do the day to day living costs can they really afford to put money away for something thats going to happen in the last years of their life?

The polititions are sending the right message but to the wrong people. They should be reffering to themselves pay the polititions less and make them do some work in parliament instead of skiving off! In a response to the actions, there is a number of unions threatening strike action, PCS representing the public sector and immigration – so airports and seaports will likely face troubles this month, The National Union of Teachers and Association of Teachers and Lecturers will be striking as well so many schools, universities and collages will likely be closing doors also.

Ed Miliband in a truely enlightened sounding tweet has implied that Strike Action is a sign of a failure of both parties, there may be hope for him after all. Now is he prepared to take a more proactive stand to the point of standing up for the working class? Probably not.

Although the biggest proportion of strike action is related to the pensions, it is not an exclusive one, London Transport is facing strike (well thats not really new there seems every other month they come up wtih an excuse for a strike). Some councils are looking at action over cuts as well.

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What happened to the British Armed Forces ?

Aircraft CarrierSenior Military officials, namely the first sea lord, commander in cheif of the British Royal Navy have declared that the Royal Navy is in a dire situation. Predicting that war efforts in Libya can only be sustained for another three months should be concerning for British military efforts in the future.

Given the fact that the Navy has only deployed a Destroyer, Mine Clearance Vessel, Heilcopter Carrier and an old submarine to the area, the conservatives should really put their head up and think, “Was it a good idea to goto war with such an under funded military?”

Britains military future hanging in the lurch like this means that we have got to withdraw from daily military combat and declare the United Kingdom to be a neutral player on the world market. The First sea lord has indicated that after the next three months are up, warships protecting the British Isles may be at risk of deployment to support the Lybian conflict. This  would leave Britain vulnerable to a Navy attack by a foreign power and increase the risk of a terrorist attack from the sea and could even go so far as to risk Piracy in our waters.

The first sea lord went so far as to declare that the budget cuts particuarily in the highly effective Harrier jump jet and Aircraft Carrier fleets have had a huge impact on the cost of our operations. Launching an offensive operation from the sea (as the navy traditionally should do) instead of Italy.

The admirals words come as a stark contrast to this of the political figures in the house of comons, perhaps then the government might realise that a Military governer will understand how to conduct a military attack better than they do and in future might even start listening to those that are to be effected by their decisions. We can hope cant we?

Time is everything; five minutes make the difference between victory and defeat.
Horatio Nelson

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Bickering within Labour shows they are not ready to lead

Ed and David MilibandLike children throwing a tantrum in a super market when their mothers are not prepared to buy them the chocolate bar they want, David and Ed Miliband have shown that the labour party is not yet ready to take on the serious issues of attempting to form a opposition party that will get rid of the Conservatives at the next general election.

Reports have spread that the brothers have been fighting each other since the decision to stand for leadership. It has been claimed that some of the ancient labour politicians such as Prescot and David Blunkett whom have even less of a clue on what the people want, are questioning their new leadership’s abilities.

David Miliband is reported to be wanting the top job badly, and is edging for his brother to fail miserably so that he can step in to “save the day”. Quite pathetic really, has anyone ever spoken to him to let him know what they are thinking in his constituency I’d imagine not since the whole party is not trusted right now.

David claims that the first he heard of his brother wanting to run against him in the leadership contest was when it was aired on TV, meanwhile Ed says he came to personally break the news. This comes at a time when what appears to be a deliberate leak on David’s part of a draft speech of what he would have given had he won has become public knowledge. This sounds suspiciously like a childish prank to me.

Meanwhile in the rest of parliament,  failure to stand up for the NHS that feels threatened by the Tories has lead to a number of high profile Unions threatening to drop support to Labour. The political fields are ripe for the picking by the rise of a new power, one in which politicians are rising to power to stand up for the people of this Kingdom. Supporters of the three parties are not clearly defined each party in its actions since the general election has damaged itself and voters are likely to switch to a party that will listen to them.

Lord Falconer observed that the fighting between the two have had a negative impact on the Labour Party. Surely, they must realize that in opposition as a party, the party must be united and needs to win back the support of the general public which they surely were elected by. “A house divided against itsself cannot stand” -Lincoln

The time has come for British political figures to stand up and declare in the top of their voice, I stand for the People of the United Kingdom.

Incidentally, on the democratic index of full democracies, we come in at a scary 19 out of 26. Even the United States is more democratic than the United Kingdom. Think about that when you next get to vote.

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Britain to have its Second Diamond Jubilee celebrations in 2012

Queen ElizabethNext year, Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth will have reigned as Queen of the United Kingdom and Commonwealth realms for 60 years since. She will therefore be only the Second Monarch in British history to have celebrated a Dimond Jubilee, coming second to Queen Victoria whom celebrated her Diamond Jubilee in 1897.

Plans are already underway,  with a long weekend set aside in early June to celebrate the Jubilee. During this time, towns across the United Kingdom will also be competing to be awarded City status. It has been declared that Greenwich will be receiving Royal Borough status. Citing that they have had close ties to the British Monarchy historically and it is now time to honor that.

The government has plans to issue a medal to celebrate the reaching of the diamond jubilee and across the United Kingdom, it is likely a number of individuals will take advantage of government advice and set up their own street party. Many city councils will likely create a public street party as well.

The fact of being the second British Monarch to reach the award, and Queen Elizabeth still appearing to be in good health conditions is significant. Earlier this year, she become the Second Longest Reigning Monarch in British History. She succeed King Gorge III on Thursday, 12 May. and with her good health ahead of her, she is expected to become officially the longest reigning monarch of Britain in September 2015.

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What is your Emergency Action Plan for Zombie Attack?

Zombie AttackIn disaster recovery plans, it is important to target all the likely eventualities that your organisation may be effected by. In a freedom of information request to Leicster City Council, it has been discovered that the city council has not adequately prepared itsself for what to do in the event of the city coming under seige of a raging Zombie attack!

Critical ?

You might be thinking, this was a colossal waste of resources to respond to this, but in truth it perhaps is not. Heres why: Firstly, the Freedom of Information Request is a right, one may question the motives of this but to get rid of the right would be a worse infringement on our country. Requests about how much your MP was wasting in state funds would be unavailable, and we saw how that shaken up parliament. Secondly, organisations tend to put off emergency action planing until the event occurs, by putting a request in, that council has had to get out the dusty old document and read it. In doing so they quite possibly have noticed other pointers that may need to be revised. This will ensure the council is prepared for situations better.

Furthermore, what if a Zombie Attack really does happen? Are we prepared? If a country can handle a Zombie attack what else can they handle?

I might put in a FOI request to see what other wacky requests have been made, and in the mean time I think I will start writing my own disaster recovery plans to get things moving.

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Massacre on the grounds but at least David Cameron has a nice suit…

Syrian Boy carries Freedom BannerSyria is in the middle of a bloody uprising with Government forces using deadly force to stop it by whatever means necessary. In a sort of Ping Pong game, anti-government and government forces are blaming each other for the deaths of 120 security personnel. Anti government forces stating that they were shot by the government, and to no surprise, the Government has stated that the rebellious Syrians did it.

Conflict in the middle east has been growing this year, meanwhile in the rest of the World Politicians go about their daily business largely taking little or no interest in the events going on around them. European governments however have decided it might be time to act and are starting to take actions that might see a strongly worded letter being read out in the United Nations! After all, letters do go so far in solving the worlds problems dont they?

A United Nations Security Council Resolution may be veto’ed by Russia (no news there!) which really begs the question of why should a single country on the United Nations Security Council have the right to stop a Resolution when the overwhelming support of the council for the resolution is there. Possibly its time to see a shake up of the operations of the United Nations.