Church of England uses Equality act to hide their compliance with Equality Act

Canterbury Cathedral Every so often, an organisation takes an action which on the surface looks like its a good thing yet at the same time it has a sinister underpinning. Today, that organisation is the Church of England.

It is rare that the church of England and I agree on anything, and usually when we do agree it creeps me out!

It came in the form of the revelations that the Church is recommending that gay civil partners that follow celibacy shall be entitled to be considered for the post of Bishop. One might consider this to be a good sign, ordinarily I would agree. But Something tells me, and it seems my thoughts are similar to others that this is really an attempt by the Church to cover up the internal decision to be more accepting of gay people. By focusing on the government legislation that ensures equal rights for all people regardless of sexual orientation, they come across as being forced by the government to take this step. The result being that the followers of the faith see it as an attack on the believes of the church.

The celibacy requirement for gay bishops, does not apply to straight bishops however.

So the Church is attempting to comply with the Equality Act by having a standard for straight bishops, and a separate standard for Gay bishops. This sounds like a discrimination against gays.

The Telegraph | Daily Mail


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