What does Restrictions mean for UPS?

Department of Transport blocks UPS Deliveries for Security

In a move that seems to be reminiscent of the British Government’s decision not to upgrade Internet Explorer 6 to something more secure citing security reasons, they have stopped United Parcel Service (UPS) from doing security scans on their cargo for “security” reasons. It seems that the UK Department of Transport is going on the somewhat cryptic logic that by not allowing any  cargo through it will secure the UK from an attack of ink cartridge bombs.

Surely all it will do is mean there will be lots of exploding ink sitting on the runway instead.

How will it affect UPS However?

Experts seem to think that this will be a short term delay to deliveries. UPS is a major

UPS Trucks carried on a FedEx Truck

organisation and they will adapt their policies to the new way that Britain wants them to scan their parcels. Otherwise they would lose to competitors not only here but abroad – after all who would want to ship with a company that does not take security seriously?

Financial experts are even going so far as to recommend the purchasing of stocks of UPS which is currently sitting at a low period in stock levels but will likely see this rise once the situation has been resolved.

A spokes person for UPS has indicated that they have a contingency plan already in place.

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