Work longer, get less or retire earlier and get more?

On Strike SignToday there is an air of defiance about – threats of strike action by well, pretty much every body. The government has plans to make us work six years longer making the new retirement age 71 years old which would make the UK have the oldest age of retirement in the world. The majority of countries being around the 65 mark.

Pushing a stake into the plan even more, the government wants the pensions to be more funded by the person reciving it than the government. Thats all well in good in an economy where the working class actually has money to survive. But in the United Kingdom, where people are having financial difficulties just trying to do the day to day living costs can they really afford to put money away for something thats going to happen in the last years of their life?

The polititions are sending the right message but to the wrong people. They should be reffering to themselves pay the polititions less and make them do some work in parliament instead of skiving off! In a response to the actions, there is a number of unions threatening strike action, PCS representing the public sector and immigration – so airports and seaports will likely face troubles this month, The National Union of Teachers and Association of Teachers and Lecturers will be striking as well so many schools, universities and collages will likely be closing doors also.

Ed Miliband in a truely enlightened sounding tweet has implied that Strike Action is a sign of a failure of both parties, there may be hope for him after all. Now is he prepared to take a more proactive stand to the point of standing up for the working class? Probably not.

Although the biggest proportion of strike action is related to the pensions, it is not an exclusive one, London Transport is facing strike (well thats not really new there seems every other month they come up wtih an excuse for a strike). Some councils are looking at action over cuts as well.

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