What happened to the British Armed Forces ?

Aircraft CarrierSenior Military officials, namely the first sea lord, commander in cheif of the British Royal Navy have declared that the Royal Navy is in a dire situation. Predicting that war efforts in Libya can only be sustained for another three months should be concerning for British military efforts in the future.

Given the fact that the Navy has only deployed a Destroyer, Mine Clearance Vessel, Heilcopter Carrier and an old submarine to the area, the conservatives should really put their head up and think, “Was it a good idea to goto war with such an under funded military?”

Britains military future hanging in the lurch like this means that we have got to withdraw from daily military combat and declare the United Kingdom to be a neutral player on the world market. The First sea lord has indicated that after the next three months are up, warships protecting the British Isles may be at risk of deployment to support the Lybian conflict. This  would leave Britain vulnerable to a Navy attack by a foreign power and increase the risk of a terrorist attack from the sea and could even go so far as to risk Piracy in our waters.

The first sea lord went so far as to declare that the budget cuts particuarily in the highly effective Harrier jump jet and Aircraft Carrier fleets have had a huge impact on the cost of our operations. Launching an offensive operation from the sea (as the navy traditionally should do) instead of Italy.

The admirals words come as a stark contrast to this of the political figures in the house of comons, perhaps then the government might realise that a Military governer will understand how to conduct a military attack better than they do and in future might even start listening to those that are to be effected by their decisions. We can hope cant we?

Time is everything; five minutes make the difference between victory and defeat.
Horatio Nelson

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