What has Labour done for you?

Labour Party RoseIn my past articles I covered the Liberals and Conservatives (albeit with what little good points they have) it would be unfair not to give Labour their day in the spotlight.

Writing in the Mirror, Fiona Philips kicks off a similar concept with the National Minimum Wage. You might be surprised that I am not going to be including that in this list. The minimum wage was meant to ensure people were not being taken advantage off. However instead it turned out to allow employers to keep wages down.

Following three decades of hostilities and over 17 solid hours of diplomatic discussions between then Prime Minister Tony Blair and the Republic of Ireland’s leader Bertie Ahern, the Good Friday agreement was achieved. This could perhaps be the crowning achivement of Tony Blair and the Labour party certainly deserves credit for pulling of the treaty.

Discrimination has been an issue particuarily addressed by the Labour Party:

There is no place in our society for discrimination. That’s why I support the right of gay couples to apply to adopt like any other couple.” Former Prime Minister Tony Blair

The Civil Partnerships for same sex couples were brought into British Law under the Labour party, likewise, it was the Labour Party whom brought in the Disability Discrimination Act they granted paternity leave to fathers.

In the health care world, Labour have made an effort to cut waiting times, granted it still has much to go. They reformed the GPs as well so now many are open late or at the weekends improving the health care for all.

The Human Rights Act was passed under the Labour party, although in recent years their actions particularaily in Afghanistan and Iraq may not have supported the human rights act as it was intended.

So the achievements of the Labour party have been quite honorable.

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What has the conservatives done really?

Conservative Party TreeIn my last post I wrote about the Liberals and what they have done. I stated at the end that I might try and write about what the conservatives have done in an attempt to keep my blog politically neutral(ish). I can confidently say writing this blog entry was no easy feat! Indeed finding good things to say about the conservatives has been nothing short of a miracle.

So what exactly has the conservatives done for you?

They have the title as having the first woman prime minister under their belt. So I guess that is something worth noting.

Although modern conservatives seem to be against Europe, I am giving them the credit as having brought the UK into the European Community. Admittedly they have been somewhat divided on this matter.

Further to their credit, the only two referendums ever ran in the United Kingdom have both been done under the conservative party. Involving the people in the country in political circles.


What has the Liberals done for you?

Houses of ParliamentRecently I was accused of being a retarded liberal probably by a Member of the British National Party or at the least a conservative. It made me realize that people in the UK really are forgetful of what their predecessors have done for them, and equally important that most of the changes to the laws that we take for granted came under Liberial believes.

During the reign of King Edward VII Britain voted overwhelmingly for a radical statesman to become the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. His name was Sir Henry Cambell-Bannerman and he was leader of the British Liberal Party.

Under his primership, trade unions got the protection of the courts that they should have – no longer could a trade union be sued for damages by the employer over a dispute for say unfair pay. People could start moving away from open slavery in the corporate work space – companies would be responsible for their own staff.

Providing something that the conservatives are now considered to get rid of, Free School meals for children. Can you imagine it an era where children could afford to go to school and permissibility get a better meal than what they had at home in those days.

When the leader of the conservatives resigned the Liberals formed a minority Government, and what was the first action they took? They dissolved parliament and called for a general election. That is something that Gordon Brown would never have done, likewise, David Cameron would keep his teeth in parliament as premier as long as he could. You really should be asking yourself here, is that the type of person you want to represent you?

His successor was successful at reducing the power of the House of Lords which the Conservatives had used to block motions by the Parliament under the Liberals. With the reform it meant it was possible for Woman to receive the vote.

Other interesting acts of Liberal Government:

  • Medical Reforms leading to the NHS
  • Free Medical Inspections
  • Protection of Children from irresponsible parents
  • Pensions for Old people

So, is being liberal really such a bad thing?

I would commit to producing a party neutral flow on this subject, but tomorrow, it would be the conservative party’s turn and I am not entirely sure i’ll be able to say anything nice about them so keep an eye out see what comes through…

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Why is his argument always “because uh….”

Second referendum in the history of the United Kingdom Takes place on May 5, 2011For one group of British people, it is all over, for the rest, tomorrow is a celebration day. Of course, we do not know which way the referendum is going to go just quite yet, but with the polls closed, and the boxes sealed, the second British referendum is over. The arguments however are not over yet.

I have spoken to many people and watched the arguments of both sides grow and my conclusion thus far has to be, why is the no-to-av peoples argument summarised in the phrase “uhh I voted no because uh …. AV is bad” ?

The usual witty response from some of the yes to av people is , “Why?” this question usually goes unanswered. So my question is, why do they convincingly know that AV is bad, yet cant even string together a single reason as to why it is bad. My friend for the last hour has been attempting to convince me that its bad, by using phraseology like, “People are dumb” and “ugh brb a second” and “You do realise that this could be dangerously exploited if AV wins” queue the “how so?”

The most scary has to be how the number of people who are apparently against AV but yet have no logical reason to back up why they are against it is a sign of how much Britain is uneducated in the political world.


One argument for Alternative Vote

Vote Yes for AV - Lets have a beer

Seen this on Facebook and thought it really does summarise the referendum perfectly.

There is really only one answer in the referendum, vote for beer.

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United States Gives up on Due Process – Osama Bin Laden Executed

Osamba Bin Laden Wanted Poster marked as DeceasedThe United States justice system believes in the concept of Due process, except when it comes to their political enemies it seems. On Sunday, US Special forces engaged the stronghold of al queada leader Osama Bin Laden.

Officials have indicated that he received a gunshot directly to the head, rendering him dead in a significantly mafia style execution. President Obama has revealed that “no Americans were harmed” in the operation. It has also been revealed that he has been buried at sea in order to prevent his burial tomb becoming a shrine of martyrdom or perhaps to prevent any further coroner investigating to find an unlawful death. The burial occurred in accordance with Islamic believes for burial within 24 hours of death leaving a lot of suspicion open to the conduct of the United States Special Forces which conducted the operation.

A woman who was used as a shield was apparently killed in the incident as well, leaving the United States open to the possibility that their forces have acted against international law. The attack was conducted in a rapid motion with a mere 40 minutes from engagement to Osama Bin Laden being shot dead in the head. This sounds suspiciously like a revenge strike rather than a professional military strike intent on brining a terrorist to face his justice. Former president George W Bush has announced that the result is a “momentous achievement” [which he could not achieve].

Despite the likelyhood that the US conducted itsself in an unlawful way , a definate mood of celebration can be felt in the air. No one is sad about the miss justice carried out, in fact it seems quite the oppisite. The Stock market has gained a huge boast in response to the annoucement of the death. The US, Japanese, and European Stock exchanges have all seen a huge boast. The Dollar has rebounded from a three year low and the Japanese seen an average of 10,000 jump.

Experts believe this may be a short term thing however, as the United States has put all its world wide embassies on alert in fear of retaliatory attacks in response to the death.

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The Guardian


Imagine a country where the voters didnt know who they were voting for

Second referendum in the history of the United Kingdom Takes place on May 5, 2011Quite possibly the most important feature of a democratic state is the power given to the people, a power so great that it helps shape the form of leadership and government that that country will receive. It is called, the Vote. This single instrument can shape victory or defeat for the political elite. It is a highly sought playing card by the political leaders of a nation and can lead to disaster if misused.

To think that this power could be misunderstood so badly by the people of a country that they do not even know who is to be voted for in an election is quite scary. With troubles in the middle east, you are probably thinking: “I know what country he’s talking about” and, you probably are right: England.

YouGov figures suggest in a recent poll that a staggeringly large population has not got the slightest clue who their local councilors are which is rather disturbing considering an election is just around the corner. As high as 80% of people can not even name a single candidate. It shows that the general public of England are pretty uneducated. This is worrying especially with the upcoming referendum to be had at on the same day.With great power comes great responsibility, it is the responsibility then of the political elite to educate the politically unaware of their campaigns and why the vote of power is so important to them.

Sit back and let whomever shouts the loudest win, in Germany it was Hitler, next time it could be Nick Griffin act now, get involved.

Remember, Yes is a positive word, No is a negative word, much like death. A vote of No to AV is a vote for Death to democracy in the United Kingdom. You alone can change that use the vote to bring around a modern era of democracy where you, the people of the United Kingdom declare in one loud voice we will not go into the darkness without a fight, we want the power to decide over our politicians, we want AV and we want it now.

BBC News


5000 Police attend Royal Wedding, whos watching the crown jewels?

Britain's Prince William smiles as he walks with his girlfriend Kate Middleton at RAF Cranwell, central EnglandAccording to the London Metropolitan Police force, on the day Prince William says,” I do”, there will be around 5000 police officers on duty to protect them and protect the day. The police force has already rejected requests from Islamic groups to protest outside Westminister Abbey on the event and Police are considering blocking their ability to protest at other sites in the area.

The police department has approximately 50K staff in total so 10% of the police force will be protecting Prince William on his big day – with an estimated £1.1 Million budget just for that single day which doesnt really consider that police are working already on securing the route that the Price will take to the Abbey.

With any luck the metropolitan police force will be putting more officers on active duty that day than just the 5000 that have been allocated to the wedding. If they do not then I can forsee a high risk of criminal activity taking advantage of the rather low presence of police through the rest of the London area.

By the way, if he proposed on a 3 month holiday to some exotic place, where does he go for the Honeymoon?

BBC News


Nick Griffin votes NO to AV, will you join him or will you vote for change?

Nick Griffin Votes No to AVWhat does Nick Griffin, David Cameron and Adolf Hitler have in common?

Thats right, they all supported first-past-the-post electoral system. They belive that a strong government where one party has most of the seats in the parliament is the only way to run a nation. Its true, Hitler had a very strong government, so strong in fact that anyone whom voted against him did not survive.

The No2Av campaign would have you belive that by voting for a new form of democracy, where the majority of people need to vote for their representative in parliament would only benefit the BNP. Why then is it that Nick Griffen as leader of the BNP is planing to vote no, along with the current prime minister?

The interesting thing about the split between parties of government is that senior labour political figures are on both the Yes and No campaign side. This is unprecedented in british politics – political figures that are standing up to be counted for something they belive in not the colour of the team they belong to. Perhaps the people of Britain might consider this when deciding where they should place their vote. After all, you wont be voting for the colours this time, you are voting to decide on the technical means of deciding who shall be elected as your local representative in parliament.

The No campaign have claimed that Clegg has switched side and suddenly now supports AV, naturally of course they have taken this completely out of context. He was likely refering to converting to proportional representation instead – AV is indeed a limited form of this so it is a comprimise either way its an improvement over first past the post.

Daily Mail


Blood Discrimination to be less discrimitory

Blood Bank opens for Gays that havent had sex in ten years.Ministers have been debating on a change, yes, its quite rare but experts belive they do work sometimes. Although much like the ents, our political wisdom does not do anything worth doing, unless they can spend a long time to do it. The donation of blood by gays has been offlimits for a long time citing HIV as a root cause of this. Apparently Westminister needs to learn to count but they are trying.

With 60% of HIV Positive cases being from straight people instead of gays, they have limited gays to give blood to prevent the spread of HIV to the general population. New legislation will see that gay people are welcome to give blood, provided they have not had any sex for ten years, after all, gay HIV only operates for 9 years then magically dissapears unlike the straight HIV which lasts forever which is why it is safer to be a gay man than a straight man.

Wait a second, that makes no sense, I can hear you screaming HIV is uncureable. Well, that may not be entirely accurate either but thats another story for another time. I completely agree it makes no sense what so ever but that is indeed how our government works.

Activists have welcomed the suggestions as an improvement in the legislation but it still lies far short of treating everyone equally.

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