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America UK Relationship: Why must we be like America?

That ‘Special Relationship’ is back this time backed by David Cameron.

David Cameron British Prime MinisterPoliticians always refer to the United Kingdom’s alliance with the United States, which the population mostly views as a master and slave relationship is back on the tables.

Having a look at the track record of the United States do we really want to be emulating their ways?

With the riots of the last week, can you imagine how scary it would be if on every corner there was a “god given right to own a gun”?

Police have arrested literally hundreds of people how many could they have arrested if they were all armed? How deadly would the conflicts be?

We seriously need to take a step back and consider is the relationship with the United States government really what we want?

American to Take Control of the Police

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UK Riots: Iran wants to send Human Rights convoy to Monitor

United NationsAnti Western Government uses UK Riots for political propaganda.

The Iranian president has made a statement that is clearly a political propaganda move. He has accused the United Nations, and Human Rights organisations of being silent over the Riots that we have seen in the UK over the last week.

This coming from a man who has little or no respect for either the United Nations, or Human Rights is clearly outrageous.

He went so far as to suggest that an Iranian Human Rights delegation be sent to the United Kingdom to ‘monitor’ the situation. Clearly this is an unacceptable consideration. Until the Iranian government learns to accept the democratic ways, and respect that Human Rights are  of paramount priority over politics, they should be sanctioned away for the good of the human race.

People in the UK need to be patient as the justice system copes with the huge influx of criminals. The courts will have to separate out those who were caught in the middle of the troubles from those that were active. Justice will come in time and those responsible for the atrocious activities.

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British government united: War Declared.

Lib Dems, Tories and Labour unite in government. British government has declared war.
UK Goverment

Recently I mentioned that Rupert Murdoch was a somewhat hated person. It seems that that much has been confirmed. In a very rare occasion, the Conservative Party, the Liberal Democrats and even Labour have came to an agreement.

The unification of the three parties in a vote in the House of Commons against him could be a symbol that change is starting to come to parliament. Then again, Ed Miliband was quoted as saying “There are times when the house of Commons has got to rise to the occasion and speak for the public“.  If this comes as a new revelation to him then that is very worrying, what does he think the house of commons should be doing during the rest of the week?

It is equally worrying that the unification of the parties in question took a personal attack in the form of the phone hacking before it got any weight. Gordon Brown being the latest victim, does this mean he still has some weight in parliament (of the political kind of weight that is).

MPs Inquiry

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Human Rights Vetos Procrastination

Human Rights must come first: European Courts rule UK has violated Human Rights in Iraq

European Union FlagTreatment of Iraq Citizens Not acceptable.

Human Rights has been violated by the British [and American] forces whilst in Iraq. The conclusion was not particularly hard to reach for the European Court of Human Rights I am sure. Many people have already been critical over US and UK actions in Iraq particularly the treatment of the locals.

House of Lords Overturned

Four years ago, the undemocratically elected house of lords of the United Kingdom ruled there was no breach. It will doubtless come as a rather disappointing ruling then that the European Court of Human Rights with supremacy over the House of Lords, and now the Supreme Court of Britain has ruled against them. It will come however as  a relief for minority groups worldwide. Governments will do what they want, but justice still will rule above even the Governments.

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News of the World Heavy hand flies in for cover up.

News of the World to be dealt with by Rupert Murdoch Personally

Rupert Murdock of News of the WorldNews of the World is soon going to be a thing of the past at least as far as publishing of the news paper is concerned. Tomorrow will be the last ever copy of the news of the world to be distributed. The story however is far from over. Indeed revelations today that News International’s most senior and most hated man is flying directly to London today to deal with the aftermath of the Hacking Claims.

Crime Scene

The news of the world offices are to be declared by the police investigation as a crime scene. This could be a problem for the corporate chairman. British Law allows for prosecution of directors for the actions taken by staff. If it  is deemed by the police investigation that criminal charges should be brought forward against News of the World, then Rupert Murdock himself may be subject to charges.

Protecting the Brand

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Afghanistan: Ten years later.

Afghanistan Ten years later.

Afghan army traineesAfghanistan War: The Reasons.

Afghanistan was declared by the United States to be harbouring terrorist as part of George W Bush declaration of your either with us our against us. This in the eyes of the United States gave them just cause to launch what has now became a decade long occupation of the middle east.

In two months it will be precisely 10 years since the joint armed forces of the United States and the United Kingdom despite widespread protest in international bodies declared war on Afghanistan.

Military Objectives

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David Cameron faces Wrath of Miliband

David Cameron faces the Wrath of Ed Miliband in Houses of Commons.

Houses of ParliamentEd Miliband may not be the toothless old cat he appears after all.

David Cameron was feircely and unflinchingly attacked today by Ed Miliband. The two leaders had a stand off in the house of commons over the News of the World. Starting off by playing the nice guy, Ed Miliband inisted that an enquiry into the News of the World’s recent hacking was required. David Cameron agreed could this be the first time the pair have set aside their differences and agreed on matters?

Inquiry into News of the World

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Meddling Prince Charles Embarrassment

Meddling Prince Charles Embarrassment to Royal Family

Meddling Prince CharlesFuture King Declares his Poltical Views

The last time that a British monarch set foot in the house of commons, his head was chopped off. The result of which lead to the formation of the Republic of England. England did not return to a monarchy for the better part of a decade, perhaps it is now time to return to those days.

Republic of Great Britain

Should it ever be declared that the United Kingdom should be converted into a republic, it seems by necessity that the title of United Kingdom should dissolve. A Kingdom by definition requires a monarch and by replacing the Monarch of Britain with a republic, this would be lost.

Changes to the way our political system works would have to be made; the House of Lords being more directly associated to the reigning monarch would need to be changed (really it does need to be changed already), to an democratically elected body.

Service to the people by the elected bodies of both houses of parliament would surely lead to more engagement by the people with their political figures. The people would start to regain the trust of the parliament, and the realization of the weakness of the use of a Monarch would become stronger by every day. The democratic republic of Great Britain would be formed.

Until that glorious day (which shall be a national holiday I am certain), we must put up with politicians being interfered with by many factors.

Prince Charles of Wales: The Meddling Prince.

Prince Charles, the heir apparent to the throne of Britain has been in the press for meddling in the affairs of others more than once. Lately his appearance has came in the form of meddling in the internal affairs of Parliament itself. Such actions should not be acceptable of a Prince of Great Britain, less so the future King.

Prince Charles has been accused by a spokesman for former Prime Minister Tony Blair as having been guilty of attempting to inter fear with the government’s strategies on a number of issues. These cover such wide scope as the British dealings with the Peoples Republic of China  to less urgent matters as genetically modified crops.  I am certain that the Prince has no qualifications that would make his unique insight into either of these matters relevant to the deliberations of the government.

Furthermore, in less than 10 months, he has been accused of meeting with no less than 9 ministers from the coalition government. This is a worrying number of secret meetings to have with political figures.

Secret Hand Written Letters.

The Prince of Wales is well known and has a reputation of having writing letters to anyone he feels needs to get a scolding off. A panel has been set up to consider the future role of the Monarch in Britain, and it has suggested that the Prince needs to be open and transparent about his interfering in public affairs. Although I must admit, his interfering should really not be tolerated and should publicly apologize for his actions.

Future of Britain not a Monarchy

There are many people out there that will view this latest outburst by the Prince as a time to move away from a monarchy once and for all. It is a time to build a strong future for Britain, the first step is definitely becoming more democratic. Get rid of the house of lords as a nominated for life entity and get rid of the Monarchy. When we start electing everyone that represents us we have a chance to influence our own political future.

Financial Times

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British Medical Association on Quality Premiums

British Medial Association does not trust Quality Premiums.

British Medical AssociationBritish medial association and the NHS Reforms.

The British medial association (BMA) has openly criticized the quality premiums section of the NHS reforms. They fear that the changes proposed by the unthinking government could be seen as paying doctors to not treat patients. The British Medical Association has had the response of “we’ll review it” by the Department of Health. The department of health has stated that they will reward commissioning bodies for improving health care. That could not be a more vague term of course.

They have instead stated that great care will be required. I am not entirely confident in the Department of Health’s ability to run a massive operation with ‘great care’.

Damaging to Trust

The British Medical Association has stated that if the reforms are to go ahead without a serious consideration of the opinion of the public, it will damage relationships. Patients may find themselves in the belief that doctors are fobbing them off instead of referring them for the medical treatment they badly desire in order to make a quick buck. It is much like the NHS Direct telephone support, consumer confidence in that is not too great I know from my family’s experiences of it.

This comes during a time when confidence in the conservative party’s leadership is low. The British Medical Association has already placed a vote of no confidence in the Health Secretary earlier this year. They can only hope that the government strategy to involve many players in the deciding of what bodies are suitable for the quality premium: overseers, patients and doctors and presumably the British Medical Association will play a part in that too. They say that no health care system can provide what everyone wants, cant it really? Surely everyone wants a clean hospital, clean doctor and to have access to the treatment for the problem they have? Is that really so unattainable? If so we seriously need to reconsider the strategy of the NHS in a cross party basis.

Financial Times | GPonline

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Social Media Report Background Checks in USA

Social Media Background Check for Employers

Background Check FingerprintIn the United States, a company setup ran by Max Drucker has been given the authority to use social media as a legitimate background check for employers. This poses a few problems for the general public and leaves the United States employment service open to a huge number of risks.

How it works.

The social media background report would need to look up your details and make a best guess about that person. Lets take the company ceo as an example.

Max Drucker quotes:

“move ti reno if your trying to…”

bertos, gym, work, sleep

So what can we tell from this? Well clearly Social Intelligence CEO Max Drucker has very poor english skills. Lets put that into his record. His photo is of a group, we’ll have to assume that he was at a drug induced frat party. Now lets give him an employability score. Well, unfortunately we do not wish to have drunk drugies working for us, we can no longer consider his application. Now we must send a rejection letter.


What, you think that it breacheas privacy? I completely agree. I would also encourage that Facebook work with the people to block out their service to prevent any missrepresentations of an individual to employers. The decision to use this kind of service as an employer should not be undertaken lightly. Deny the wrong person a job they were suitible for and you may find yourself at the wrong end of a class action lawsuit for misstreatment of the individuals privacy.

The United States seriously needs to think about what kind of a country they really want to be. This kind of company starts moving them deeper into commuism and they are already far from being a great honourable country.

Consumerist | SIC