Social Media Report Background Checks in USA

Social Media Background Check for Employers

Background Check FingerprintIn the United States, a company setup ran by Max Drucker has been given the authority to use social media as a legitimate background check for employers. This poses a few problems for the general public and leaves the United States employment service open to a huge number of risks.

How it works.

The social media background report would need to look up your details and make a best guess about that person. Lets take the company ceo as an example.

Max Drucker quotes:

“move ti reno if your trying to…”

bertos, gym, work, sleep

So what can we tell from this? Well clearly Social Intelligence CEO Max Drucker has very poor english skills. Lets put that into his record. His photo is of a group, we’ll have to assume that he was at a drug induced frat party. Now lets give him an employability score. Well, unfortunately we do not wish to have drunk drugies working for us, we can no longer consider his application. Now we must send a rejection letter.


What, you think that it breacheas privacy? I completely agree. I would also encourage that Facebook work with the people to block out their service to prevent any missrepresentations of an individual to employers. The decision to use this kind of service as an employer should not be undertaken lightly. Deny the wrong person a job they were suitible for and you may find yourself at the wrong end of a class action lawsuit for misstreatment of the individuals privacy.

The United States seriously needs to think about what kind of a country they really want to be. This kind of company starts moving them deeper into commuism and they are already far from being a great honourable country.

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