Senior Aid to David Cameron meets Grim Reaper.

Grim Reaper Strikes Glastonbury – Political Aid to The Prime Minister Killed

Death has arrivedSuspicions are likely to be high amongst those that have found out. Death at Glastonbury but it is no ordinary citizen, the deceased was a freind of David Cameron and chairman of the west Oxfordshire conservative association: Christopher Shale.  He has been described as a close political ally of the Prime minister and today David Cameron has made a statement which expresses that closeness. Describing him as ‘a big rock in his life that has been rolled away‘.

Suicide or Sinister?

The police have restricted access to the toilet area where the body was found.The have not yet indicated that it has been treated as supicious. They have suggested that this may have been a suicide. Was it really however, a senior political ally of the prime minister of Great Britain and father goes to a music festival to kill himself?

Perhaps something else is going on that is not quite being expressed to the world. The likelyhood of someone doing that does not seem high in my opinion.

Critism of Conservative Party

The discovery of his death suspiciously comes just hours after a leaked document indicated that Mr Shale had been highly critical of the conservative party in recent times. Stating openly that the party needed to radically change. Perhaps this opened up for some retaliation back against the man who wanted to change the party for the better? A more modern, liberal and accepting of change conservative party surely would make him quite a few enemies within the party itsself.

Time will tell…

The police are actively investigating the death and over time it is certain they will build up a true picture of what happened. Ultimately the truth always will come out.

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