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Human Rights must come first: European Courts rule UK has violated Human Rights in Iraq

European Union FlagTreatment of Iraq Citizens Not acceptable.

Human Rights has been violated by the British [and American] forces whilst in Iraq. The conclusion was not particularly hard to reach for the European Court of Human Rights I am sure. Many people have already been critical over US and UK actions in Iraq particularly the treatment of the locals.

House of Lords Overturned

Four years ago, the undemocratically elected house of lords of the United Kingdom ruled there was no breach. It will doubtless come as a rather disappointing ruling then that the European Court of Human Rights with supremacy over the House of Lords, and now the Supreme Court of Britain has ruled against them. It will come however as  a relief for minority groups worldwide. Governments will do what they want, but justice still will rule above even the Governments.

Violations of Articles 2 and 3 of the Convention of Human Rights

Article 2 which provides a basic human right to life has been violated by British forces on many occasions by killing of civilians in a combat zone. The right is also backed up by the Geneva convention. Under the Geneva convention military personnel are expected to protect the life of innocents during combat operations.

Article 3 provides for the prevention of inhuman and degrading treatment. The sixth man represented by the cases at the European Court was murdered after being thrown into a river despite not being able to swim. British forces thus must have failed to save him in violation of articles 2 and 3. His body was found to have 93 injuries which are reportedly due to beatings by military personnel.

Criticism of Human Rights

As usual, when these kind of rulings come out, the trolls tend to appear again and get critical of the European Union, and of the Court of Human Rights, The Military, the Government, anyone that’s against them and anyone they just generally don’t like. Lets ask them, if you do not like the Human Rights and Europe, why not get rid of it then we can lead you into nice shiny new “work camps”?

The conservative party has been critical of Europe, yet they have taken no steps to dissolve our relationship with Europe. They take the normal step of accepting the courts rulings instead of standing up and being a big man – taking responsibility for the acts they do. When will the leadership of Britain stand up and decide: Now is the time to prove myself in the Eyes of my people? Let us stand for what is just.


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