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Shut down social networking to help looters: David Cameron.

David Cameron vows never to use intelligence again.

“Know your enemy and know yourself and you can fight a hundred battles without disaster. “- Sun Tzu

Cyber SecurityDavid Cameron has suggested that police need to have the power to shut down vital lines of communication such as Twitter, Facebook and YouTube. The power should be used only in the event of a major incident. Naturally he is being vague as to what constitutes a major incident.

These plans are very disturbing, the amount of information which can be gathered through these channels is extensive. For a prime minister to suggest cutting off communications and vital intelligence gathering channels is worrying.

The path he sees before us is a worrying one. It starts with limitation of communication and free speech and ends in 1984.

Social Networking Is actively used for Crime Prevention

What the prime minister needs to realize is that whilst it may be used for organizing criminal activity, it is also a channel that should be used by the intelligence services to protect the civilian population.

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Human Rights Vetos Procrastination

Human Rights must come first: European Courts rule UK has violated Human Rights in Iraq

European Union FlagTreatment of Iraq Citizens Not acceptable.

Human Rights has been violated by the British [and American] forces whilst in Iraq. The conclusion was not particularly hard to reach for the European Court of Human Rights I am sure. Many people have already been critical over US and UK actions in Iraq particularly the treatment of the locals.

House of Lords Overturned

Four years ago, the undemocratically elected house of lords of the United Kingdom ruled there was no breach. It will doubtless come as a rather disappointing ruling then that the European Court of Human Rights with supremacy over the House of Lords, and now the Supreme Court of Britain has ruled against them. It will come however as  a relief for minority groups worldwide. Governments will do what they want, but justice still will rule above even the Governments.

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Jurors sent to prison for using Internet in Trials

Scales of JusticeIn cases where a defendant is tried by jury, each juror is expected to uphold the laws of the country as part of their service, they are expected to remain impartial and act on the evidence presented within the trial. Anonymity within the process is essential to a fair trial.  If Jurors are feeling threatened by the possibility of a retribution attack by the defendant if the are found guilty, then individual jurors are liekly to vote in favour of a not guilty verdict. The result being that a a criminal may walk free.

Thats exactly whats happened, and not for the first time because of Jurors take the law into their own hand and start investigating the details of the crime, or discussing it with others.

During a recent case, Joanne Fraill has discussed the deliberations of the jury with the Defendant on Facebook. It earned her a reputation for destroying a multi-million pound drug case and a prison sentence, being convicted for contempt of court. It seems to be a worrying trend that jurors in the age of the internet are not taking their responsibilities and duties seriously.

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Its fine to be gay, United Nations Declares Gay Rights Exist

United Nations Gay Pride FlagRepresenting the interests of the lesbean, gay, bisexual and transexual world, in an action which was proposed firstly by South Africa, the United Nations has voted in favour of declaring Universal Human Rights will without any doubt or prejudice shall apply universally to all regardless of their sexual orientation.

It means that the world now legally can be recognizable that discrimination to the LGBT community anywhere in the world is a violation of international law.

Its great news that it has finally became recognized at international level, however it is equally disturbing that the resolution was passed with a 23 to 19 with three absenteeism from voting. Which means in a worst case scenario it passed with a majority of merely one.

Many of the countries in Africa have accused South Africa of siding with the west, it is likely true that they have on this which I for one am glad to say they have the pressure that will be put on the rest of the African continent by facing the pressure of International Law when it comes to Human Rights will hopefully be intense. Over time, I expect the uncivilized lands will come to respect the dignity of human rights and will lead to a world in which people work to the betterment of the human race.

As a result of the resolution, the United Nations has commissioned panels that will look into anti-gay discrimination. It now means that discrimination cases could be taken as far as to the International Court of Justice.

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United States should take responsibility for Wikileaks

Dilbert Data SecurityIf Wikileaks has been acting like a terrorist organization it is most likely because the United States is trying to push the blame for the leak on Wikileaks. That is not however entirely accurate, we are referring of course to predominately United States Military and Diplomatic reports.

They key word there: United States.

United States Military Personnel and Diplomatic Staff have generated the reports, passed it on to their superiors, or their superiors secretaries whom in turn handed it in to their superiors most likely. So for every document that’s at least 3 people have seen it, although i would be surprised if it was just 3 there’s probably a whole bunch of personnel have access to the information.

This is where the leak came form, not from Australia, Julian Assange is by no means responsible for causing the leak – at most he might be responsible for distribution of the information but how is that different from what Blogger have done in response to the documents, likewise the news channels and papers around the world have reiterated some of the information. Does that mean we all need to hand ourselves in?

The problem lies with the United States personnel whom likely have commited Treason by releasing these documents to unauthorized parties. There is where justice must be sought. More importantly, given the scale of the security breach it must really bring into question how much trust countries can place in the United States in its position of dominance.

The release of the cables are a strong indicator that the United States does not take national security that seriously and should not be trusted with any information of a sensitive nature. Until such a time as they start considering this a serious problem countries must view discussions with US Personnel as something that will inevitably fall into the hands of unauthorized persons.

Australian foreign minister Kevin Rudd dismissed US diplomatic comments regarding him that came out from wikileaks as irrelevant – which it entirely is – it does not effect his ability to do his job. He has judged however that the US should consider this problem and deal with the culprits of the crime instead of using Assange as a scapegoat.


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Privacy laws in the UK Suck Europe prepares for legal action!

privacy-protection-425x319It likely comes as a blow to the Government to find that UK is to face legal action in the European Courts for failure to comply with European Law in regards to privacy. The EU Directive requires that the UK (and other states in the EU) create a industrial regulator that will act as a guardian of privacy. The requirements that monitoring of Internet activity sticks within the permits of the law would be their responsibility.

Since the UK has failed to create such a regulator and given the high profile invasions of privacy such as BT’s trial of Phorm software against its user base to “provide better advertising” has lead to the EU Commission launching legal action against the Government to ensure that the privacy of the people is respected.

The EU Directives in question, ePrivacy Directive and Data Protection Directive in the opinion of the European Commision have been broken on two key points.

Firstly the aforementioned requirement of an regulatory body which should be independent needs to be setup to monitor the monitoring of interception of communications. This is the first point the commission is taking action over – creation of such a body will see the UK fall into compliance with this respect of the law.

Secondly, the UK Law in regards to permission for interception of communication has the vague requirement of the interceptor should have reason to believe that consent has been given. This does mean that under UK Law, consent does not actually need to be given only a reasonable believe that it is implied. Under the directives, consent must be given freely, and in knowledge of what is being given. This is a clear difference of opinion.

Many belive that with the information commisioner it should be able to cover the requirements of the regulator to cover and monitor and that the creation of a new body to manage this is a waste of tax payer’s money.At the very least however a significant shake up of the privacy laws of the UK may be in order.

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Government: Sorry, we cant afford the justice system its going.

Cold Dark WorldThe latest news of cuts does not look encouraging for the UK. With some of the agencies under review or to be abolished I for one am struggling to see the current government as a practical approach to running the UK.

The plan to deal with the huge deficit in the UK budget may see the debt paid off in full by the end of the year. Unfortunately, there would not be a country left to run after it has been. The government needs to seriously consider what it is doing carefully or face a prospect of a country that business and even the people do not see as a viable country to operate and trade in.

There are literally hundreds of bodies currently stated funded that are bracing for abolishment. Some of these I have never heard of, some sound very important and should not ever be meddled with. The Administrative Justice and Tribunals Council – they over see the Administrative Justice System. They are now on the list to be abolished – I mean who needs justice anyway?

The Courts Board and Crown Court Rule Committee are on the way out as well, the HM Inspectorate of Court Administration might want to update their CV too.  Legal Deposit Advisory Panel, Legal Services Commission and Legal Services Ombudsman – they probably don’t do anything either? Maqistrates’ Court Rule Committee we must have too many court staff lets just get rid of due process we’ll go straight to the chopping board instead – it’ll save money and time.

It doesn’t stop there, the crown prosecution service is to be fiddled with too likely reduced in size which is probably a good thing we wont have any courts left to send the criminals to trial to anyway. Especially with the UK Supreme Court under review for the ax too! One of the most important changes in UK Justice in many years and they think they can just abolish it shortly after it came into existence unbelievable. The Civil Justice Council faces the same review.

Numerous committees looking into infections and health and a few dozen other miscellaneous bodies ranking from historical ship wrecks to Disability Employment Advisory Committee. I presume we don’t need to teach any more in this scary future because the General Teaching Council of England is no longer to exist too.

Equality and Human Rights Commission  and the Office for Fair Trading do we honestly want to drop them? But they are in review so there is hope.

Whilst you consider your thoughts on this I’m going to find Excalibur I think the hour of our greatest need is fast approaching.

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Burn the Quran Day

Rev. Terry JoneArmed with a suspicious mustache and a 0.40calibre Gun , Rev. Terry Jone is not exactly paining a particularity graceful picture for the Evangelical Church. Facing mounting pressure from Military, Political and Religious leaders to stop his plans he fears for his personal safety (hence the gun).  To no surprise, he has received Death Threats (Well, it is America after all!)

He wants to have 9-11 a day to remember as an International Burn a Koran Day. Gen. David Petraeus took a rare step of forming an opinion on domestic affairs something which Military leaders do not normally do – it is beyond the scope of their job. Quite rightly, he suspects that if it were to go ahead, Islamic extremists are likely to use the images of Americans burning a Holy Book to infuriate Islamic people in general.

The cycle of hatred between Islam and the Christians so long as idiots do not respect each other. The Christians killed the Islams and take their land, so the Islams kill the Christians and take back the land, for centuries when will it ever end? In a time where international politics is strained just by the mention of a Holy book it is dishonorable to try tactics like  this. Even worse to do it on 9-11 a day where hatred is already going to be high.

The major of Gainsville whom was also a target of Jones campaign of terror for being openly gay has declared that 9-11 shall be a day of Inter-faith Solidarity. This is a more logical approach to religious quarrels get the people to understand each other , see that there is more than one point of view in the world perhaps with time people will work together in co-operation.
Of course, as usual, the Muslims are having the exact wrong response to this kind of activity. Mohammad Mukhtar has called upon fellow Islamic Extremists to react by killing Americans wherever they be.

“The Quran, according to Jones, is “evil” because it espouses something other than biblical truth and incites radical, violent behavior among Muslims.”

Surely if the Quran is preaching radical non biblical truth then the Bible he so loves should be considered equal to that.

The God of the Bible also allows slavery, including selling your own daughter as a sex slave (Exodus 21:1-11), child abuse (Judges 11:29-40 and Isaiah 13:16), and bashing babies against rocks (Hosea 13:16 & Psalms 137:9).

Now is the time to arrest and prevent this injustice before the cycle of violence gets worse than it already is.
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UK Ministers summoned to US Senate committe to answer charges

The US Senators have in essence been trying to summon a duly democratically elected member of both the Scottish Parliament, and the Westminster Parliament to face charges of: Releaseing a Prisoner from a UK jail whom was found guilty in a UK Court, and banished from the UK by a UK Justice Minister. In what world does the United States think it has that level of authority over anyone? We are a democracy, we will not change from that. Justly so, each of the summoned ministers have rejected the plea of the United States.

A US senator has asked the Scottish government to reconsider its decision not to send officials to a hearing into the release of the Lockerbie bomber.

The United States is not politely requesting if a Member of the Scottish Goverment would kindly attend, they are asking that the Member of the Scottish Goverment be Sent Across the atlantic! It is outrageous, country to what they belive the United States border ends somewhere outside of washington Not mainland europe!

They have no authority here to Demand anything we have a legitimate goverment democratically elected.

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