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British government united: War Declared.

Lib Dems, Tories and Labour unite in government. British government has declared war.
UK Goverment

Recently I mentioned that Rupert Murdoch was a somewhat hated person. It seems that that much has been confirmed. In a very rare occasion, the Conservative Party, the Liberal Democrats and even Labour have came to an agreement.

The unification of the three parties in a vote in the House of Commons against him could be a symbol that change is starting to come to parliament. Then again, Ed Miliband was quoted as saying “There are times when the house of Commons has got to rise to the occasion and speak for the public“.  If this comes as a new revelation to him then that is very worrying, what does he think the house of commons should be doing during the rest of the week?

It is equally worrying that the unification of the parties in question took a personal attack in the form of the phone hacking before it got any weight. Gordon Brown being the latest victim, does this mean he still has some weight in parliament (of the political kind of weight that is).

MPs Inquiry

MPs have already questioned senior police into allegations they have been bribed by the News of the World and Rupert Murdoch may be next to face them on Tuesday next week.

One bad door closes, a new one opens.

News International has announced that they will move most of the staff that lost their jobs due to the shutting down of the News of the World shall find employment within the company. The News of the World is no more, so one horrible news paper is gone, but rumours have it that the Sun will launch on Sunday instead so not a great loss for the corporate giant.



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