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Human Rights Vetos Procrastination

Human Rights must come first: European Courts rule UK has violated Human Rights in Iraq

European Union FlagTreatment of Iraq Citizens Not acceptable.

Human Rights has been violated by the British [and American] forces whilst in Iraq. The conclusion was not particularly hard to reach for the European Court of Human Rights I am sure. Many people have already been critical over US and UK actions in Iraq particularly the treatment of the locals.

House of Lords Overturned

Four years ago, the undemocratically elected house of lords of the United Kingdom ruled there was no breach. It will doubtless come as a rather disappointing ruling then that the European Court of Human Rights with supremacy over the House of Lords, and now the Supreme Court of Britain has ruled against them. It will come however as  a relief for minority groups worldwide. Governments will do what they want, but justice still will rule above even the Governments.


Military Grade Heroin Imports

Heroin Overdoze DeathsMilitary police are investigating allegations that military flights are being used to illegally import pure heroin. Afghanistan is the world’s largest manufacturer of Opium which for smuggling purposes is frequently converted into Heroin as it is a less bulky form therefore in theory making it easier to smuggle.

The investigations are being conducted specifically towards personnel at airports in a few regions of the country. The Ministry of Defense states it believes the accusations are unfounded but has increased security measures including putting sniffer dogs into place to detect the activities.

British forces are not the only ones under investigation, Canadian forces are facing similar measures. The Ministry of Defense has indicated that personnel found to be smuggling or in any way involved in smuggling of the drug will face the full extent of criminal sanctions.

The sales of opium from the regions where it is produced is used to fund Taliban operations against the government and allied forces in the country.

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