David Cameron faces Wrath of Miliband

David Cameron faces the Wrath of Ed Miliband in Houses of Commons.

Houses of ParliamentEd Miliband may not be the toothless old cat he appears after all.

David Cameron was feircely and unflinchingly attacked today by Ed Miliband. The two leaders had a stand off in the house of commons over the News of the World. Starting off by playing the nice guy, Ed Miliband inisted that an enquiry into the News of the World’s recent hacking was required. David Cameron agreed could this be the first time the pair have set aside their differences and agreed on matters?

Inquiry into News of the World

David Cameron citing that a police investigation was already under way into the news of the world refused to act upon his word. Having admited that the police investigation may take many years to complete he has effectively declared he wants something done but will not do it himself. By the time the investigation is complete the whole situation will likely have been forgotton. The inquiry which they both agree is required will never materialise.

Pushing forward, Ed Miliband launched a fresh strong attack on the Prime Minister by declaring that right now, and now an inquiry could be setup. He proposed appointing a Judge to oversee the inquiry which would give the authority to question people under oath. Strong rhtoric from a man that untill now has not showed any signs of a leadership material.

Anti Competition Investigation

Seeking a refferal to the anti-competition board, Ed miliband has shown he may be more in touch with the British people than David Cameron. News of the World has a major world wide share in the news market. BSkyB which they wish to buy has a huge share in the online media with really only the BBC standing against them. The right move politically, morally and ethically would be to inisist they be refered to the anti-competition board. David Cameron however, in a wonderful way of claiming he is following the duties of the government, by doing absolutely nothing. It is something to reflect upon, should your duely elected government really be doing Nothing?

Summary of the Conservative Policies

So from the Governments position today we can declare the conservative policies as follows:

  • Matters of Major Corporate Mergers: Do Nothing.
  • Hiring news of the world staff that spy: Do Nothing.
  • Claims of Police Corruption: Do Nothing.
  • Public Inquiries: Great Idea, lets Do Nothing till it passes.

I am certain that for many this is not the type of Government that is needed in 2011. Governments should change with the times, reassert themself with the people. Oh and can I ask of the 600 or so MPs that represent us in Parliament, where were the other 400 or so from todays debate? How can a government run a country if the people do not show up for work? What do they get those huge salaries for?

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