America UK Relationship: Why must we be like America?

That ‘Special Relationship’ is back this time backed by David Cameron.

David Cameron British Prime MinisterPoliticians always refer to the United Kingdom’s alliance with the United States, which the population mostly views as a master and slave relationship is back on the tables.

Having a look at the track record of the United States do we really want to be emulating their ways?

With the riots of the last week, can you imagine how scary it would be if on every corner there was a “god given right to own a gun”?

Police have arrested literally hundreds of people how many could they have arrested if they were all armed? How deadly would the conflicts be?

We seriously need to take a step back and consider is the relationship with the United States government really what we want?

American to Take Control of the Police

Due to the prime ministers incapability to think for him self, he is on the brink of signing up an American to take over the operation of the metropolitan police force. If the prime minister is not capable of dealing with the situations he is to face as prime minister, perhaps it is time for him to resign and make way for new fresh leadership. How confident are you in the prime minister? There is a open petition for a call of a vote of no confidence in his leadership. Perhaps you should consider signing it.

The plans of putting an American “supercop” at the head of one of the oldest police departments is ludicrous and reforms of the service going through the parliament may put a block on the idea. Having never worked in the British police he lacks the requirements for the job as well.

Having reviewed his suggestions, putting him in the position would be dangerous as he’d want to arm the entire police force and use deadly force in excess. He wants people to fear the police – well in the case of US police that certainly would be the case – having seen how they act I am definitely more afraid of the US Police than the US Gangsters!


Vote of No Confidence | DailyMail


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