Manchester Riots: Shop A Looter

Manchester Riots : Shop A Looter – The Clean up of the City.

Manchester RiotsManchester Riots have caused problems for business and people in general. The behaviour of the looters have been completely unacceptable and without any meaning full purpose. They have been seeking things that they want but do not want to pay for it.

Early reports indicated that in Manchester city center in the region of 200 looters were causing trouble on Tuesday. Early on Wednesday whilst we were settling down for a meeting with a client, sky news was revealing that in the region of 113 people from that had already been arrested.

Greater Manchester Police have launched a name and shame type campaign. It is called Shop A Looter. The police is using social networking and old fashioned publishing means to try to identify those whom have been guilty of the riots in Manchester. In the latest figures, Greater Manchester Police has arrested over 200 rioters which will include people arrested under Salford. For just a few days this is an impressively high quantity and David Cameron should take note of this. Greater Manchester Police have done it without having to sell out the police force to the United States.

Clean Up of the Riots

It has been pretty calm now and police presence is definitely visible in Manchester. The aftermath has seen many stores with their windows boarded up. Most business are running as normal with little or no down time. The foreseeable future plans should be getting them into some kind of rehabilitation. Parents should be involved in this process: education is the key.

Investigations must take place to find out what the root cause of the riots has been it still remains unclear. Many want to declare martial law and the likes of David Cameron wanting to just lock them up and getting rid of them from the streets wont help find that out. When riots occur its a sign of some kind of social problem that needs to be addressed head on. Getting experts to chat with the people on a one to one to learn of the exact nature of the frustrations will get that moving along.

Sky News (via Sun)

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