UK Riots: Iran wants to send Human Rights convoy to Monitor

United NationsAnti Western Government uses UK Riots for political propaganda.

The Iranian president has made a statement that is clearly a political propaganda move. He has accused the United Nations, and Human Rights organisations of being silent over the Riots that we have seen in the UK over the last week.

This coming from a man who has little or no respect for either the United Nations, or Human Rights is clearly outrageous.

He went so far as to suggest that an Iranian Human Rights delegation be sent to the United Kingdom to ‘monitor’ the situation. Clearly this is an unacceptable consideration. Until the Iranian government learns to accept the democratic ways, and respect that Human Rights are  of paramount priority over politics, they should be sanctioned away for the good of the human race.

People in the UK need to be patient as the justice system copes with the huge influx of criminals. The courts will have to separate out those who were caught in the middle of the troubles from those that were active. Justice will come in time and those responsible for the atrocious activities.

The Iranian government has suggested that those who have been rioting are peaceful protestors that have been oppressed by the police. What he does not understand is that not every country follows his draconian way of life.

Given that Britain officially supported his opposition it is no surprise he is using the situation to try and gain support from people in Iran.



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