The Battle of Britain ‘began over Orkney’

“Never in the field of human conflict was so much owed by so many to so few.”

-Winston Churchill

I just read an article by Stephen McGinty on the Scotsman website. Apparently an author has suggested that the famous Battle of Britain has been mis-recorded by historians. The author is claiming that it began over the Island of Orkney. Consequently it was the Scots that first defended Britain’s interests during that war. 

Internet Politics

Lord Mandelson awarded Internet villain of the Year 2010!

Internet Villain of the Year 2010Many of you will remember that the British Government signed into law an act of parliament recently most commonly referred to as the Digital Economy Act.

I like many of you people were disapproving of the government meddling in affairs they know too little about. But I am happy to hear that he has been declared the Internet Villian of the Year!

It seems that every time the government brings in legislation to stop illegal copying of files it leads to higher levels of copyright breach than it solved.

It is good to see that several organizations including BT are already opting to fight this in court and even our new deputy Prime Minister has called for it to be repealed. There may be hope for this new government after all.

Lord Peter MandelsonSo this year the award of Internet Villian of the Year goes to Lord Peter Mandelson. Being the ‘brains’ behind the Digital Economy Bill it definately sounds like he deserves his award.


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