Super Microscope has arrived

Electron MicroscopeThe most powerful Electron Microscope in the UK has been unveiled at Cambridge University it goes by the wonder easy to remember name of FEI Titan 3 Electron Microscope. Comparative to other names for scientific hardware, it is very straight forward. The Minister for Universities and Science officially unveiled the powerful microscope. It is good to see that Ministers are spending their time doing something productive towards science.

The new microscope is so powerful, that it can magnify to the atomic level, viewing atoms at approximately 1 millionth of the size of a human hair will open up the way for advancement in research that was previous limited by science’ inability to see atomic structures.

It is possible that this came deliberately shortly after it was revealed that a reduction in Government research and development funds may occur for all projects that have no commercial value. You might be wondering what exactly can we do when viewing such small objects. Well, one of the projects to take advantage of the microscope is to investigate disease such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s would cures for these count as commercially valuable research worthy of government spending? I sure would hope so. We don’t spend enough of our budget on research into cures and should really increase it significantly.

Other projects lined up to use this technology include next generation natural lighting that could last for more than half a century, water purification techniques particularity aimed towards developing nations. Can you imagine it, a world where millions of people don’t die a year because of research and development?

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