Ireland: 3 Strikes and out is just not good enough.

Scales of JusticeThe UK Parliament chaired by the dark Lord Mandelson forced through the Digital Economy Bill  designed to give the music industry severe power over the Internet has today received a major blow to the credibility of the act. A Judge at a High Court in Ireland has ruled that the 3 strikes rule just is not good enough.

One ISP, UPC stood defiant of the Irish Recorded Music Association (IRMA) by refusing to cooperate with the 3-strikes agreement which IRMA had negotiated with the largest ISP. The deal meant that the IRMA had to achieve cooperation with all ISPS in order for it to be valid. They stood by their customers, and they were brought to court over it.

Mr Justice Peter Charleton ruled that an injunction against UPC is not possible as Ireland does not have a legal framework to support it and more importantly that it contravines European Law.


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