Customer Services from Bill to Complaint

Complaint DepartmentThis month has been drastic for money for us. Unfortunately this meant that the most important bill came thudding through the door this morning. Yes, you’ve guessed it, our Internet, Television and Telephone was shut down this morning shortly after I got up. So you might be wondering, how we can possibly go from a completely legitimate turn off of services due to not paying the bill into a complaint?

Well, if you had asked me that this morning i’d probly have responded with good question! Indeed it is a good question.

I got into work this afternoon, and promptly got into my account luckily my wages had just cleared this morning quite literally so there was some cash sitting in the bill. Then however I got a shock (like having no Internet at home wasn’t a shock in its own right!). They said i owed them £180.00, but I realised especially with my email saying that today they had generated this month’s bill was included. So I paid off the outstanding balance from the previous bill and thought, alright, its paid for, I’ll hopefully have my services when I get home.

I got home, after what seemed like an endless trip, my boyfriend had got money from University so we went shopping after getting off the train – dinner is literally just being cooked right now. Got in the door and turned on the TV praying that it would be on. Alas, it still was not, the site did inform me that it could take up to 24 hours to get that up and running.

Still no reason to complain your saying no? Your right, but I thought I’d take a chance, I picked up the phone, and got through to customer services. I asked if there was any way they could speed up the process and was told no. Remembering that I thought I was due an upgraded box, I asked them about it. This is where it started to go downhill, I was transferred to an outsource agency, whom after not listening to what I had to say – I clearly explained that I had paid my bill this morning, but was enquiring about the believe that I was supposed to have a different box they insisted on transferring me to the queue for the finance department. So I got through to a message saying that the department was closed!

Furiously, I slammed the phone down, well actually not quite, i merely hung up and redialed but it sounds more dramatic that way! I asked to speak to a manager about it, thats when i got stopped by one of the arragont customer service barriers. I spent a good 10 minutes fighting with him to speak to a manager.

What is the purpose of those customer service barriers? Did it benefit the company that I spent 10 minutes fighting on the phone all I wanted to do was make an official complaint about the previous agent. He claimed he had the same power, and that I wouldn’t be able to get any money off! Even threatened me with a report to the police. Eventually however, I got past the barrier and spoke to his manager.

To my surprise, she was actually willing to listen. She has sent a email to the agent in question, despite the barrier claiming they had no ID on who it was and noted down my concerns with the behaviour of the agent. She went on to advise me that she could actually restore my services tonight, and, within 15 minutes of the call it was up and running! She also took a few moments to explain that the offer was new and not on at the time when I had signed up. So a couple of minutes on the phone to the Manager and I got not only my service restored, information on when I need to pay the next bill, information that clarified what I wanted to check in the first time. So really, what was the point of the previous 15 minutes of going through loops with an agent when a quick transfer to the manager would have saved me time, and allowed him to deal with a customer which had a general enquiry that was at his pay level!

So I’m online, and I’m happy, despite the efforts I had to take to get through to someone who could go that extra mile at Virgin surely if all customer service places were to think about the nature of the problem, queue time could be halved simply by a Manager dealing with a complaint on the call – it only takes  a moment in some cases. Let the manager speak, and if the complaint cannot be resolved in a few minutes, then it can be escalated into a call back or extended session.

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