High Speed Broadband is coming ….

Broadband Pipe… then again, Christmas is coming also, actually, its 73 days away at the time of writing. Anyway, a study of UK Broadband has been conducted and has found once again that the UK is lagging behind many European counterparts.

Over at the Telegraph, one commenter points out that in Finish Law, access to high speed broadband is a right sitting on his 130Mbps standard home Broadband kit one wonders if the UK will ever catch up on the Broadband race.

From the results conducted by Broadband-expert.co.uk , it is showing that Liverpool has the fastest average connection rate weighing in at a ‘massive’ 7.72Mps. Given that the usual package offered is an 8Mbps this is quite impressive, relatively speaking anyway. However is nothing compared with Virgin’s top 50Mbps Package! The Northwest England area seems to have a significant amount of “high speed”, hardly surprising – Manchester is a second level point of presence for the Internet hooking up with the London Lynx and up north to the Trans-atlantic links. I would therefore have expected the connectivity to be higher in this area.

On the other end of the scale, the folks living in Dunfries unfortunately are seeing speeds closer to 2Mbps hardly a viable speed to call high speed. The results however have no distinction between different types of connectivity – fiber or adsl. Even taking these into account however, Broadband here leaves much to be desired.

BT may be finally under taking the roll out of fiber, which they should have done years ago but I suspect even with that, we will still be far behind Europe.

The Telegraph

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