Twitter Police shows that 24 isnt a world saving number

Jack Bauer from 24It seems that a 24 hour day in the life of a police officer is not as exciting as the TV series 24 portrays. Whilst Jack might be out saving the world from terrorism and nuclear attack against the country it seems that twitter has proven that this isn’t an average day.

Part of a social experiment which saw Greater Manchester Police tweeting every report that was filed by their call center. It seems the average day for the police is more likely to involve responding to incidents of rape and disorderly conduct than adverting world wide disaster.

The closest the force encountered to nuclear attacks and rockets was a gang of youths throwing lit fireworks. Something tells me they weren’t Al Qaeda trainees but insolent youths.

Girls seem to have taken a fair beating, having been ran down in hit in run incidents, bitten by dogs.

Manchester Evening News has done an analysis on the data and found the results to be very interesting. The reason behind the experiment was to show that official statistics do not really reflect on the force’s activities. Given the amount of data collected this quite possibly will be the case. Large chunks of the time the force has been called to minor offenses and there was a disturbing number of calls that were fake.




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