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  • Ireland: 3 Strikes and out is just not good enough.

    The UK Parliament chaired by the dark Lord Mandelson forced through the Digital Economy Bill¬† designed to give the music industry severe power over the Internet has today received a major blow to the credibility of the act. A Judge at a High Court in Ireland has ruled that the 3 strikes rule just is […]

  • ISPs angry at having to foot the bill of legal action against their customers

    Once again the digital economy bill is rearing its ugly head. This time, ISPs are facing the ugly prospect of on behalf of rights holders. Quite why an ISP should be forced to pay for some one else to take legal action against their own customers is beyond me. The government should voluntarily provide the […]

  • Pirate Party lawsuit lead to increased piracy

    You will likely remember one of the first major legal case brought against Pirate bay in Sweden. The court ruled against the site. Yet even today the sie is still running stronger than ever.Both parties have appealed the case The media coverage of the case however likely to the disappointment of the recording industry as […]

  • iTV to see Apple in Court

    With all the lawsuits being carried on, its a wonder tech companies get any work done. Apple is suing HTC, Oracle is suing Google. Microsoft is probably still fighting the various lawsuits in multiple appeals around the world. Now its time for the ITV, the British Broadcaster¬† to join the team. ITV is suing Apple […]

  • Oracle and Apple gang up on Google

    Many of us may remember there was a lawsuit filed against Microsoft by Sun over Microsoft’s inclusion and distribution of the Java Run time in its operating systems. In essence, Microsoft was voluntarily offering a Sun product to its customers at no cost to Sun or the end user. The problem with this was that […]