Ireland: 3 Strikes and out is just not good enough.

The UK Parliament chaired by the dark Lord Mandelson forced through the Digital Economy Bill  designed to give the music industry severe power over the Internet has today received a major blow to the credibility of the act. A Judge at a High Court in Ireland has ruled that the 3 strikes rule just is […]

Amazon offers fair Royalty scheme for eBook Authors

Amazon has announced that 70% of the sale of a eBook product will go to the author. In comparison with the music industry this is a huge change. Instead of rights holders getting the money the person responsible for the product’s creation will get the money instead. The technology does also mean that new authors […]

Twitter users subjected to worms

Certain twitter users, by which it seems the vast majority have found they were vulnerable to a Cross-Site-Scripting XSS vulnerability in the twitter software. It allowed the site to generate a self replicating worm that spread very rapidly across many users at the peak of it around 100 replications a second were being generated. The […]

Is your card details safe?

Having been at a meeting today discussing a ePOS system, we were informed that new regulations were coming into play regarding storing of credit card information. In my bid to find out more about these new regulations i came across some disturbing information that earlier this year Argos had been storing credit card numbers along […]

Pirate Party lawsuit lead to increased piracy

You will likely remember one of the first major legal case brought against Pirate bay in Sweden. The court ruled against the site. Yet even today the sie is still running stronger than ever.Both parties have appealed the case The media coverage of the case however likely to the disappointment of the recording industry as […]

United States looking for internet censorship

I recently criticized the UK Government over the IE6 browser not being upgraded and general security breaches of astronomical scales. Now it is the turn of the United States to be criticized, again. “ should be shut down by any means necessary.” US Government Conservative Representative Of course, I am not surprised that a conservative […]

Paid to find security bugs?

Security for most companies these days is paramount. There are many steps one can take to ensure that a system is secure, from switching it of at one extreme to hiring consultants to analyse every minute line of code to look for problems. Balancing money with time however leads to most companies taking somewhere in […]

Rootkit breaches network security in India, Are you effected?

In my role at work I recently had the opportunity to discuss with a expert in security aspects of the PCI-Data Security Standard in the context of storing credit card information. This covers amongst many other things, whom has access to the data. Our client has a team in India doing work for his site […]