Category: Internet

  • The Times looses 66% of readers over fees.

    According to an article published on rival news paper website The Gaurdian, the Times has managed to loose its self the majority of its readers. For a news paper, this cant be a good sign and is probably likely to extend to physical newspaper sales too. Impacting on an industry which already faces problems with…

  • High speed everywhere but here.

    Not too many years ago many of us were sitting starting at our 56kbps modems wondering if this dial up was the one that would get us connected. I remember the day when broadband was finally rolled out to my village, I was hung over and slept through most of the event. My freind’s dad…

  • Lord Mandelson awarded Internet villain of the Year 2010!

    The ISP Awards this year have been done. In light of the activities in support of the Digital Economy Bill and UK legislation, they were proud to offer Lord Peter Mandelson the title of Internet Villain of the year!