The iPad has been replaced

Chrome Tablet Apple and HTC/Google have been fighting quite a lot lately. Is it possible that this could really stir up the problems between the three companies.

The new pad on the market ,or at least coming to the market is developed by HTC which has a strong relationship with Google.

If the rumours are true the device will have quite an impressive specification: NVidia Tegra 2 processor, with a 1280×720 multi touch display, 2Gb of RAM, a 32Gb or more of SSD storage, webcam, GPS, and Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and 3G networking.

The device is expected to be far cheaper given the special relation ship with US carrier Verizon and is expected that it may ship for as little as the cost of a standard data contract. Given what it does, and the superior operating system over the iPad this could quite easily replace the iPad completely as the next big thing.



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