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  • Android the phone for the Enterprise

    When it gets to security, portable equipment has long been a major problem for the corporate world. Mobile phones in particular have been a specially problematic area. They spend most of their life’s out of the physical control of the IT Department. This means that making sure data on them does not fall into the […]

  • The iPad has been replaced

    Apple and HTC/Google have been fighting quite a lot lately. Is it possible that this could really stir up the problems between the three companies. The new pad on the market ,or at least coming to the market is developed by HTC which has a strong relationship with Google. If the rumours are true the […]

  • HTC Strong Player in Mobile Phones

    A year ago or so, many of us had not even heard of an HTC let along what they do. Now it seems they are one of the stronger players in the mobile phone market. With a huge 140% increase in shipments presummably backed up with actual product sales against the same period last year […]

  • Espionage at heart of Palm Pre

    Experts at MWR Labs seem to have uncovered a highly disturbing bug in the Palm Pre. Indeed it literally is a bug. Or has the potential to be a bug in the sense of a listening device. Security risks in the Android operating system apparently make it possible to use the phone to listen into […]

  • Google leads Apple in Phone Sector

    With the many problems that exist with iPhone even if they may not be entirely unique, is it any wonder then that people are considering alternatives to the expensive shiny toy produced by apple? Google’s Android operating system based phones are according to sources the operating system is far more customizable than the OS installed […]