India asks: Can I have your password?

Mobile Phone SecurityBlackberry operator Research in Motion has till just the 31st of August or face the Indian government banning their secure service from the country. Most corporations would consider that data being transmitted in a sensitive nature should be secure data.

With a large number of business outsourcing things like contact centers to India or worse still core development teams being shipped out there. There must be a measure in place to understand where your data is going. Consumer data from the UK must be protected. Stated in the Data Protection Act: “Entities holding personal information are required to have adequate security measures in place. Those include technical measures (such as firewalls) and organisational measures (such as staff training).”.

Secure email is a service which assuming that a company had a legitimate purpose to transmit data to outside the national border would enable them to have security in place. Several countries have indicated that they want to have access to snoop on your data namely: The United States of America, The United Arab Emirates and India.

They all cite anti-terrorism as a reason that they must have access to confidential and private secure data which for that matter due to the drop in security by providing governments the password could actually see this data used for terrorism. The ban could see more organizations internally encrypt data prior to transmission which of course would make it impossible for the Government to access the data and maintain levels of security of data.

The concern over security should be considered when you next are looking to outsource work however this kind of activities is sure to impact on both USĀ  and Indian trust.

Wall Street Journal

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