3D Gaming: Next gen or buzzword?

3D Graphics Bowser The Playstation 3 has stereoscopic 3D support which according to Insomniac Games head, Ted Price makes a ‘huge difference’. Many stores are now trying to push the new 3D Tvs that are on the market. Made up of a tv screen and a pair of overly big spectacles.

Problem: 12% cant see it

The technology requires that both our eyes cooperate to produce a visual 3D depth of feild effect instead of actually being 3D, it is really just an optical illusion designed to fool our heads into thinking that it is a 3d image we are looking at.

The study by eyecare trust of the UK means that selling 3D technology is likely to be a bit harder than it already is as people begin to realise that they actually are physically unable to benefit from the purchase of the highly expensive hardware.

Is it enjoyable?

Sure, the 3D technology is cool, if you can see it, but is the point of gaming not to have fun rather than boast about having state of the art technology that no one else can play? Lets face it, we have computing geeks that’s their job have the biggest and fastest, loudest and overclocked to the max rigs that could run some entire countries although they don’t actually know what to do with it. Why should the gaming sector be the same?

Top Games

Well respected body IGN have a list of top games.

  1. Super Mario Brothers [1994] 2D NES Game
  2. Legend of Zelda: Orcania of Time [1998] 3D Nintendo 64 Game
  3. Tetris [1986] 2D Multi Platform Game
  4. Civilization II [1996] 2D PC Game
  5. Super Mario 64 [1996] 3D Nintendo 64 Game
  6. Sid Miers Pirates! [ 1987] PC 2D Game
  7. Starcraft [1997] PC 2D Game
  8. Street Fighter II Arcade 2D Game
  9. Star Wars Tie Fighter [1995] PC 2D Game
  10. Super Metroid [1994] SNES 2D Game

I must admit, I am surprised that Zelda A Link to the past (my all time favourite game) did not make it into the top #1 position. None the less we can see that in the top 10 most popular games of all time, there are just 2 games that fall into the description of 3D. Neither of these being anywhere remotely like the 3D that the Playstation 3 has. Incidentally, you notice that no modern consoles have made it onto this list.

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