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  • Europe Launches Investigation into Google

    The European Anti-Trust regulator has launched an investigation into Google over complaints by two rivals that Google demoted their sites on the grounds of being a competitor. Not surprisingly Microsoft filed a complaint with the commission against Google as well. Since when did it become standard business practice to assume your competitor is acting without […]

  • Android the phone for the Enterprise

    When it gets to security, portable equipment has long been a major problem for the corporate world. Mobile phones in particular have been a specially problematic area. They spend most of their life’s out of the physical control of the IT Department. This means that making sure data on them does not fall into the […]

  • Google Trials Driverless Car and no one was killed

    The guys at Google have apparently been testing Driver less cars releasing them on the unsuspecting population of California with a whopping 140,000 miles on the clock it is an impressive display of technology. Driver less cars are not exactly new, but I am not sure they have been as extensively tested in real life […]

  • Do we need to relearn SEO?

    Many sites are arguing that Google Instant has changed the way search works dramatically and have even idnicated it could go so far as to be the end of Ad-Words as we know it. But is it really? Sure, its cool to see the results as you type, but at the end of the day, […]

  • Google attacks Skype

    Google has decided to expand their portfolio again. Instead of purchasing the competition like they usually do they are just completing directly. Rivals Skype with their online calling capabilities are facing competition from the newly launched Google Phone service. From your google mail account you can now place phone calls. Some industry analysts have questioned […]

  • The iPad has been replaced

    Apple and HTC/Google have been fighting quite a lot lately. Is it possible that this could really stir up the problems between the three companies. The new pad on the market ,or at least coming to the market is developed by HTC which has a strong relationship with Google. If the rumours are true the […]

  • Bank of Google to open soon

    Google as we all know are planning something big. But in the latest acquisition it could reveal a lot about the company plans. Google has already been dabbling in the financial industries market in the form of Google Checkout. A service which is proving popular with new business looking to start accepting cards for their […]

  • Centaur attacks Aberdeenshire

    Reports of Centaurs roaming wildly through the UK have grown. Recent images detected by Google have spotted a creature which perhaps is a modern descendant of the Centaur. Not only have there been multiple sightings, but there is even evidence of intelligence. The first sighting has mysteriously been removed from the Internet.  Suggesting that these […]

  • Oracle and Apple gang up on Google

    Many of us may remember there was a lawsuit filed against Microsoft by Sun over Microsoft’s inclusion and distribution of the Java Run time in its operating systems. In essence, Microsoft was voluntarily offering a Sun product to its customers at no cost to Sun or the end user. The problem with this was that […]

  • Google leads Apple in Phone Sector

    With the many problems that exist with iPhone even if they may not be entirely unique, is it any wonder then that people are considering alternatives to the expensive shiny toy produced by apple? Google’s Android operating system based phones are according to sources the operating system is far more customizable than the OS installed […]