Centaur attacks Aberdeenshire

CentaurReports of Centaurs roaming wildly through the UK have grown. Recent images detected by Google have spotted a creature which perhaps is a modern descendant of the Centaur. Not only have there been multiple sightings, but there is even evidence of intelligence. The first sighting has mysteriously been removed from the Internet.  Suggesting that these creatures are quite within their capabilities to evolve into a more powerful creature, as if a human horse hybrid was not powerful enough on its own right.

The original evidence was hosted on Google SightSeeing, and described as “Weird half horse-half man poses for the passing” but as I mention, the photographic evidence has been ‘lost’.  This sighting was apparently in Aberdeen , Hardgate area.

Mysteriously enough this has also been removed in what may be a serious attack for civil liberties to know whats out there. You may want to get in contact with your local MP with your concerns over these creatures roaming Aberdeen. Horseboy 1Luckily for us, the people at the Telegraph have managed to get a hold of duplicates of the pictures that have been removed. You may want to consider the creature as potentially dangerous and avoid contact with it. It is not known at this time how many others exist, however a YouTube user, TheHumanHorse has claimed to be one of them and threatened to appear in many locations.  Expert viewers have observed that the YouTube user seems not to be the same as the first seen Horse Boy so we can presume that at least two of them exist and should be on the look out at all times.

Channel 4 however claim to have got the rare opportunity to interview the creature.

The Telegraph
Google SightSeeing [#1]
Google SightSeeing [#2]
Channel 4


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