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Cameron: I am the Law.

David Cameron British Prime MinisterIn a train of thought that disturbingly rings an echo of Chancellor Palpatine with his solemn declaration that he is the Senate in the final star wars film or third dependent on how you want to look at it, David Cameron has really been showing his true colours since taking power of the parliament.

Justice, Legislative and Administrative, three distinct branches that make up the way our nation works. One should not interfere with each other and the prime minister should know and respect this. He does not however, he is the prime minister which put the Supreme Court of the United Kingdom up for consideration for to be scrapped. A serious decision that would return the power of the most powerful court of justice in the entire country return to the fingers of the house of lords. This should never be allowed to happen. It took the better part of a decade to finally separate justice and legislative branches of power and it must maintain this way. Cameron has been quoted stating things that show he does not wish this to be the case: “once again a ruling by a court that seems to fly completely in the face of common sense.”  in reference to the sex offenders registry.

He clearly things it is good to have people on the sex offenders list for life, really now is this the kind of world we want to bring people up in, when before the law sees children as being legally responsible they could be tarnished with being a Sex offender for the rest of their life? At 10 and 11 years old, surely the young boys cant seriously be considered to be as dangerous as repeat offending pedophiles? With a hint of common sense it is foreseeable that when they grow up and understand what they done  their attitude might be a little different.

Meanwhile, Nick Clegg showing a spark of intelligence admitted that the safety of the public will be unhindered by allowing sex offenders to appeal against being on the list and if deemed to be safe to society they shall be removed.

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