The ents shall not go to war this day

Sad looking ent In JRR Tolken’s Lord of the Rings after seeing the forest abused by Saruaman the Wizard, giant tree like creatures known as the ents rage war against him toppling him from his fortress.  It has echos of the government plans to sell off the forestry commission which has faithfully protected the remaining forests of the UK from activities that would see them stripped of their trees.

The attempt to sell off the commission and forest has led to widespread anger towards the government. Leading the campaign 38Degrees has declared victory for the ents without having to bring the fortress of Westminster crashing to the ground.

Listening to the complaints, environmental secretary, Caroline Spelman has made an announcement declaring “we got this one wrong”. Many others too I am certain. It likely did not help her to have David Cameron declare that he was disowning the policy most likely this humiliation did more for her plans being cancelled than 38Degrees campaign has.

A number of infulential people have got behind campaigns to prevent the sell off such as Dame Judi Dench and the Archbishop of Cantebury. I never thought I’d be able to reference him in a positive way.

Boultonandco at Sky have suggested that if people start realising that the protesters have been successful people may start protesting more widely about government policies in particular the budget cuts. This is likely if people start believing protesting will lead to the government doing a u turn on issues that they do not agree with. Only a positive step for democracy can come from this.

The people at 38 Degrees may be celebrating today, but tomorrow what will be their next campaign and will it be as successful? You can help them out in future campaigns and perhaps embarrass David Cameron some more! What more of an incentive do you need?

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