Has the age of democratic reform came to Africa?

<img class="alignleft size-full wp-image-932" title="democracy" src="http://www.whitebunnywabbit.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/democracy cialis pas cher.png” alt=”Today we March, Tomorrow we Vote, Democracy is coming.” width=”300″ height=”262″ />If you have been following events in Africa, you by now will likely be aware that Democratic reforms are finally comming. Is it possible that this decade will be the year that Democracy finally takes grip of Africa?

If events of the last month are anything to go by it certainly looks possible. The overthrowing of the Tunisian government recently seems to have sent political shock waves through North Africa.

Today a concert is to be held in the Tunsian capital city which less than a month ago, the artists were banned and likely arrested for crimes against the state by trying to sing such songs.

“We live in suffering/ Like dogs/ Half the poulation is oppressed and living in misery/ President of the Country/ Your people are dead,”

They are singing in direct reference to the former president. Whom was recently forced to flee the country or face the mob! The singer, El General states that the concert is being conducted in memory of those who sacrificed their lives to enable this new age of opportunity in Tunisia.

But this could just be the beginning of great change, the Egyptians are following suit with riots and uprising against the government there. The foreign and commonwealth office has set a travel advisory to Egypt recommending avoiding all but essential travel to many cities in Egypt. Despite not currently advising people to withdraw from the country, thousands of people have flocked to the airport already seeking to escape.

Anonymous, the hacking group most famous for causing disruption to people’s daily shopping ventures and causing instability in credit card payment processors have been interfering in the events in what may be a positive move by helping bring democracy to the countries in question.

The Canadian Press

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