Its Official: UK Economy Down 0.5%, well done Conservatives

Economy declines under the conservatives.If you’ve been reading my blog, or for that matter really any political blog, you’ve undoubtedly seen the predictions of doom and horror for the UK under the Conservatives budget cuts of everything under the sun , and a little then.

Statistics released today appear to have confirmed our worst fears, in the build up to Christmas, a period when one might ordinarily expect the economy to do well with everyone buying random things for friends and family they haven’t seen since the previous Christmas. Well, this time we dropped into a negative growth-  a recession for Christmas.

Thank you must of course go to the wonderful leadership who every day seems less and less trust worthy as a government and more like a chaotic random numbers factory.

The chancellor in his infinite wisdom just had a vague comment of it being disappointing. Disappointing, this coming from a man whom is supposed to be figuring out how to deal with the UK budget one of the most core parts of the economy. Surely he could come up with an explanation why his actions failed so miserably, or better yet, accept responsibility for it and resign.

Looking at the graphs this is a very concerning trend, the drop that would represent the general recession seems to have been much less of a drop initially. Experts seem to think the effects of the budget cuts have not even yet fully materialised and next quarter could be set to drop even further. The government may want to reconsider the plans to scrap everything and think about means of getting the economy kick started again.  Undoubtedly however they will be too proud to admit it so we might as well start saving for the other side.

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  1. As much as I would like life to go back to the way it was with the Labour government using up all reserves of cash to ensure the people of the UK lead a blissful life of comfort with little regard for the future. It just is not feasible, we the people who have become greedy and lazy need to look at things in perspective and realise that even with the cuts we still have it so much better than so many generations before us.

    Yes, there is a risk of a double dip recession, however, the important issue is whether the people trust that the government are making the cuts for with our interests in mind. If they are and in five years we the people receive the benefits of the cuts then we must step up and as they say “suck it up”.

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