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  • British Medical Association on Quality Premiums

    British Medial Association does not trust Quality Premiums. British medial association and the NHS Reforms. The British medial association (BMA) has openly criticized the quality premiums section of the NHS reforms. They fear that the changes proposed by the unthinking government could be seen as paying doctors to not treat patients. The British Medical Association […]

  • What has the conservatives done really?

    In my last post I wrote about the Liberals and what they have done. I stated at the end that I might try and write about what the conservatives have done in an attempt to keep my blog politically neutral(ish). I can confidently say writing this blog entry was no easy feat! Indeed finding good […]

  • Its Official: UK Economy Down 0.5%, well done Conservatives

    If you’ve been reading my blog, or for that matter really any political blog, you’ve undoubtedly seen the predictions of doom and horror for the UK under the Conservatives budget cuts of everything under the sun , and a little then. Statistics released today appear to have confirmed our worst fears, in the build up […]

  • Governor: You criticised our Prime Minister, that not accepted here.

    He holds the position of Governor of the Bank of England. Quite an impressive job title if I do say so myself. However he is facing calls for him to resign from said position for he expressed concerns about Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne. He really should have know better. This is […]

  • Coalition agrees AV reading with gritted teeth

    The first reading of the bill on a referendum over the Alternative Vote system has been successful with a majority of 59. There are a number of additional steps to take before it will have actually been past and the process of preparing for next years May 5 referendum can begin. However the reading has […]