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British Medical Association on Quality Premiums

British Medial Association does not trust Quality Premiums.

British Medical AssociationBritish medial association and the NHS Reforms.

The British medial association (BMA) has openly criticized the quality premiums section of the NHS reforms. They fear that the changes proposed by the unthinking government could be seen as paying doctors to not treat patients. The British Medical Association has had the response of “we’ll review it” by the Department of Health. The department of health has stated that they will reward commissioning bodies for improving health care. That could not be a more vague term of course.

They have instead stated that great care will be required. I am not entirely confident in the Department of Health’s ability to run a massive operation with ‘great care’.

Damaging to Trust

The British Medical Association has stated that if the reforms are to go ahead without a serious consideration of the opinion of the public, it will damage relationships. Patients may find themselves in the belief that doctors are fobbing them off instead of referring them for the medical treatment they badly desire in order to make a quick buck. It is much like the NHS Direct telephone support, consumer confidence in that is not too great I know from my family’s experiences of it.

This comes during a time when confidence in the conservative party’s leadership is low. The British Medical Association has already placed a vote of no confidence in the Health Secretary earlier this year. They can only hope that the government strategy to involve many players in the deciding of what bodies are suitable for the quality premium: overseers, patients and doctors and presumably the British Medical Association will play a part in that too. They say that no health care system can provide what everyone wants, cant it really? Surely everyone wants a clean hospital, clean doctor and to have access to the treatment for the problem they have? Is that really so unattainable? If so we seriously need to reconsider the strategy of the NHS in a cross party basis.

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What has the conservatives done really?

Conservative Party TreeIn my last post I wrote about the Liberals and what they have done. I stated at the end that I might try and write about what the conservatives have done in an attempt to keep my blog politically neutral(ish). I can confidently say writing this blog entry was no easy feat! Indeed finding good things to say about the conservatives has been nothing short of a miracle.

So what exactly has the conservatives done for you?

They have the title as having the first woman prime minister under their belt. So I guess that is something worth noting.

Although modern conservatives seem to be against Europe, I am giving them the credit as having brought the UK into the European Community. Admittedly they have been somewhat divided on this matter.

Further to their credit, the only two referendums ever ran in the United Kingdom have both been done under the conservative party. Involving the people in the country in political circles.

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Its Official: UK Economy Down 0.5%, well done Conservatives

Economy declines under the conservatives.If you’ve been reading my blog, or for that matter really any political blog, you’ve undoubtedly seen the predictions of doom and horror for the UK under the Conservatives budget cuts of everything under the sun , and a little then.

Statistics released today appear to have confirmed our worst fears, in the build up to Christmas, a period when one might ordinarily expect the economy to do well with everyone buying random things for friends and family they haven’t seen since the previous Christmas. Well, this time we dropped into a negative growth-  a recession for Christmas.

Thank you must of course go to the wonderful leadership who every day seems less and less trust worthy as a government and more like a chaotic random numbers factory.

The chancellor in his infinite wisdom just had a vague comment of it being disappointing. Disappointing, this coming from a man whom is supposed to be figuring out how to deal with the UK budget one of the most core parts of the economy. Surely he could come up with an explanation why his actions failed so miserably, or better yet, accept responsibility for it and resign.

Looking at the graphs this is a very concerning trend, the drop that would represent the general recession seems to have been much less of a drop initially. Experts seem to think the effects of the budget cuts have not even yet fully materialised and next quarter could be set to drop even further. The government may want to reconsider the plans to scrap everything and think about means of getting the economy kick started again.  Undoubtedly however they will be too proud to admit it so we might as well start saving for the other side.

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Governor: You criticised our Prime Minister, that not accepted here.

Govner of the Bank of EnglandHe holds the position of Governor of the Bank of England. Quite an impressive job title if I do say so myself. However he is facing calls for him to resign from said position for he expressed concerns about Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne.

He really should have know better. This is Britain, we Do not critisize our political figures and we definately do not express concern over their abilities. Its not like we live in a democratic state which values freedom of expression anyway.

Wait a second, isnt that one of our more important values? Well, we are a part of the European Union, so surely Article 11 of the european convention should apply even to our citizens.

Political figures, and even the governor are in the limelight of the public interest critisism from fellow peers and more importantly by the people that put them in the job – the voters is not only expected is mandatory. Without opening debat about the actions of our representatives and having the freedom to express ourselves against their actions without fear of reprimand like they do in such states as the Peoples Republic of China or Iran how can we possibility life a life where progress is put above the political interest of one political figure.

He informed the US ambassador that he belived the now Prime Minister lacked the experience to run the country, well who does if they havent done it allready?

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Coalition agrees AV reading with gritted teeth

British Flag and VoteThe first reading of the bill on a referendum over the Alternative Vote system has been successful with a majority of 59. There are a number of additional steps to take before it will have actually been past and the process of preparing for next years May 5 referendum can begin.

However the reading has revealed there is bitterness between the Conservative and Liberal Democrats. A number of Conservative backbenchers have agreed to vote for the change to the voting system as “a matter of honour” – it was agreed by part of the coalition agreement when coming to power. It is rather disturbing that some MPs are actually against a more democratic voting system. I guess they are likely to be the MPs that are in areas which an AV system would see them lose their seat due to the huge number of votes against them? Or perhaps they are part of the 50 MPs which would lose their seat with the reduction in MPs when parliament shrinks in size.

David Davis raises a concern about the number of people that will turn out for the referendum thinking that it will be a very low turn out to make a major political change in the UK for centuries. However, given that the turn out for the general election was the highest it had been since 2001. Given the number of issues associated with people getting turned away from voting, I think the concern is minimum. The general public want to see change to the political system and trust needs to be rebuilt in the Government to secure a functional country.

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