What has the conservatives done really?

Conservative Party TreeIn my last post I wrote about the Liberals and what they have done. I stated at the end that I might try and write about what the conservatives have done in an attempt to keep my blog politically neutral(ish). I can confidently say writing this blog entry was no easy feat! Indeed finding good things to say about the conservatives has been nothing short of a miracle.

So what exactly has the conservatives done for you?

They have the title as having the first woman prime minister under their belt. So I guess that is something worth noting.

Although modern conservatives seem to be against Europe, I am giving them the credit as having brought the UK into the European Community. Admittedly they have been somewhat divided on this matter.

Further to their credit, the only two referendums ever ran in the United Kingdom have both been done under the conservative party. Involving the people in the country in political circles.

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