What has the Liberals done for you?

Houses of ParliamentRecently I was accused of being a retarded liberal probably by a Member of the British National Party or at the least a conservative. It made me realize that people in the UK really are forgetful of what their predecessors have done for them, and equally important that most of the changes to the laws that we take for granted came under Liberial believes.

During the reign of King Edward VII Britain voted overwhelmingly for a radical statesman to become the first Prime Minister of the United Kingdom. His name was Sir Henry Cambell-Bannerman and he was leader of the British Liberal Party.

Under his primership, trade unions got the protection of the courts that they should have – no longer could a trade union be sued for damages by the employer over a dispute for say unfair pay. People could start moving away from open slavery in the corporate work space – companies would be responsible for their own staff.

Providing something that the conservatives are now considered to get rid of, Free School meals for children. Can you imagine it an era where children could afford to go to school and permissibility get a better meal than what they had at home in those days.

When the leader of the conservatives resigned the Liberals formed a minority Government, and what was the first action they took? They dissolved parliament and called for a general election. That is something that Gordon Brown would never have done, likewise, David Cameron would keep his teeth in parliament as premier as long as he could. You really should be asking yourself here, is that the type of person you want to represent you?

His successor was successful at reducing the power of the House of Lords which the Conservatives had used to block motions by the Parliament under the Liberals. With the reform it meant it was possible for Woman to receive the vote.

Other interesting acts of Liberal Government:

  • Medical Reforms leading to the NHS
  • Free Medical Inspections
  • Protection of Children from irresponsible parents
  • Pensions for Old people

So, is being liberal really such a bad thing?

I would commit to producing a party neutral flow on this subject, but tomorrow, it would be the conservative party’s turn and I am not entirely sure i’ll be able to say anything nice about them so keep an eye out see what comes through…

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