Why is his argument always “because uh….”

Second referendum in the history of the United Kingdom Takes place on May 5, 2011For one group of British people, it is all over, for the rest, tomorrow is a celebration day. Of course, we do not know which way the referendum is going to go just quite yet, but with the polls closed, and the boxes sealed, the second British referendum is over. The arguments however are not over yet.

I have spoken to many people and watched the arguments of both sides grow and my conclusion thus far has to be, why is the no-to-av peoples argument summarised in the phrase “uhh I voted no because uh …. AV is bad” ?

The usual witty response from some of the yes to av people is , “Why?” this question usually goes unanswered. So my question is, why do they convincingly know that AV is bad, yet cant even string together a single reason as to why it is bad. My friend for the last hour has been attempting to convince me that its bad, by using phraseology like, “People are dumb” and “ugh brb a second” and “You do realise that this could be dangerously exploited if AV wins” queue the “how so?”

The most scary has to be how the number of people who are apparently against AV but yet have no logical reason to back up why they are against it is a sign of how much Britain is uneducated in the political world.


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