Governor: You criticised our Prime Minister, that not accepted here.

Govner of the Bank of EnglandHe holds the position of Governor of the Bank of England. Quite an impressive job title if I do say so myself. However he is facing calls for him to resign from said position for he expressed concerns about Prime Minister David Cameron and Chancellor George Osborne.

He really should have know better. This is Britain, we Do not critisize our political figures and we definately do not express concern over their abilities. Its not like we live in a democratic state which values freedom of expression anyway.

Wait a second, isnt that one of our more important values? Well, we are a part of the European Union, so surely Article 11 of the european convention should apply even to our citizens.

Political figures, and even the governor are in the limelight of the public interest critisism from fellow peers and more importantly by the people that put them in the job – the voters is not only expected is mandatory. Without opening debat about the actions of our representatives and having the freedom to express ourselves against their actions without fear of reprimand like they do in such states as the Peoples Republic of China or Iran how can we possibility life a life where progress is put above the political interest of one political figure.

He informed the US ambassador that he belived the now Prime Minister lacked the experience to run the country, well who does if they havent done it allready?

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Article 11 EU

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