Mobiles to go down the tube

London UndegroundFor once perhaps Boris Johnston in his role of Mayor of London has actually done something or at least attempting to do something which could have a decisive benefit to the people of London. Getting involved in plans to put mobile phone antenna into the underground network in time for the 2012 Olympics.

London would not be the first city in the world to recive a mobile phone signal in underground public transport. Many European cities that have underground services already have this in place.

What the mayor will do however is iorn out deals with the Mobile Phone industry meaning that the multi million pound project will be funded by the industry equally, 3, Vodaphone, Orange & T-Mobile, and O2 will all get involved in the project meaning that tax payer’s money will not be used to fund the expensive project.

Long term this may make London even more attractive as a business city than it allready is – communications is a key part of business and if people cant communicate for long times whilst on underground transport it means they are likely to be unproductive. The economic benefits are likely difficult to calculate however given the large scope of the underground’s user base.

The project will apparently extend to cover Eurostar services as well. Discussions have been in place for a very long time about the prospect of installing mobile signals into the underground, which in principle is a very straight foward system: install transmitters along the top of the tunnels and recivers on each carrige of the train allowing signals to be picked up and redistributed to mobile phones. The cost however has always been a problem but with some strong negotiation the mayor may have finally struck an agreement within the industry for them to put it in place.

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