Tag: Boris Johnston

  • Housing Benefit to get capped at £20,800 a year

    The UK Welfare system is seriously flawed. People who should be on benefits are the minimum wage earners, not MPs on multi million a year estates. Yet the caps to be introduced into the housing benefit system seems to be aimed at them. People on benefits for housing are expected to be able to live […]

  • Unions and Boris Johnston Clash but they are both right.

    It is not often that I agree with both parties, especially if one of the parties is the infamous Boris Johnston. However there is a first for everything and today it seems that it is time. I am siding both with the Unions and the Mad Major of London. Unions are there to represent workers […]

  • Mobiles to go down the tube

    For once perhaps Boris Johnston in his role of Mayor of London has actually done something or at least attempting to do something which could have a decisive benefit to the people of London. Getting involved in plans to put mobile phone antenna into the underground network in time for the 2012 Olympics. London would […]