Housing Benefit to get capped at £20,800 a year

House built from £20 notesThe UK Welfare system is seriously flawed. People who should be on benefits are the minimum wage earners, not MPs on multi million a year estates. Yet the caps to be introduced into the housing benefit system seems to be aimed at them. People on benefits for housing are expected to be able to live in affordable accommodation until their personal income justifies an expensive home.

Have a look at right move, see what you can get for the housing benefit deal. For me, its a 5 bedroom home just outside the country club. Alternatively, I could get another 3 reasonably priced houses that do just fine.

When I first saw that the cap was to be introduced, I thought that Boris Johnston was acting sensibly when he was saying its a bad move but I had not seen the cap was a weekly allowance.  There is no justification for housing benefits being paid to people that feel they can afford a £20K a year property. Given that minimum wage doesn’t even come close to that.

The acusations flying from London of Social cleansing are uncalled for. This is cleansing of those which can not afford to pay their bills from expensive property. It is a sensible strategy I stay on the outskirts of the city because I prefer the peace and quiet of the neighbourhood and the relatively easy access to the countryside, but also because I know I can not afford to pay for a city center flat – nor should I expect the government to pay it for me.

If they want to deal with welfare problems however there is two things that I think would make a huge difference to the general public life: increase national minimum wage so that money is flowing in the economy. They will undoubtedly use the argument that they [companies] are unable to afford it. Well, here’s my counter argument, my previous employer made £33.3 Million in Profit in the last year. But they “could not” afford to bring in more staff or fix the heating system. This sounds like a crappy employer more than anything – Maplin Electronics if your interested. We done the maths on it, the “cant afford” would equate to £30Million in profit and every member of staff receiving over £1K worth of bonus!

Moreover, a cap not on the benefit but on the house it might be price fixing for the residential market but it would be a great help to the general public who could know that no matter where they were, their housing cost is fixed, say £75 per room. Combining these two would mean that people do not require housing benefits in order to survive daily life.

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